In this Team Leadership Plan with Donna Izobella Head of Training & the Crystal Circle Program for GeniusU, you will discover...

How to align your company goals, team goals and personal goals

How to set your team rhythm to keep momentum and motivation

How to increase trust and flow in your team
You'll come away with clarity on how to take your team and business to the next level!


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Donna Izobella
Donna Izobella


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Donna Izobella
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Donna Izobella is a Creator profile and Head of Training & Crystal Circle Program

An entrepreneur, business growth strategist, and consciousness mentor, Donna is devoted to helping leaders achieve ultimate success in life + business. She founded a system for self-awareness and development back in 2007 based on both modern EQ principles and ancient wisdom from Chinese and Indian practices. Through LIVE IT UP 360 she has personally coached thousands of individuals to shift their patterning and step into greater self-awareness and performance.

For leaders, this means evolving the way they are approaching leadership both personally and in charge of their enterprises.

A business consultant (and former accountant) for over 25 years, she has been in the trenches of over 1000 businesses from a very diverse range of industries. Supporting founders and their teams with consultancy and training in both operational and strategic leadership.

Donna has been working with Roger as a client since 2013 and trainer to the Master Trainers and consultants for Wealth & Talent Dynamics.

In 2019, Donna joined the Entrepreneurs Institute team as Head Coach for Roger’s VIP Crystal Circle mentoring program.

She is here to support your business growth and YOU as an entrepreneur.


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