Welcome to the Flightdeck Microschool! I am looking forward to taking you through establishing your flightdeck to take control of your business and success by establishing your business flightdeck. 


Throughout the next 5 days you will be equipped with templates, we will be setting financial objectives, creating a project map to establish matrixs worth measuring. 


Microdegree Outcomes

This is what you can expect:


Day 1 - Establish your Enterprise

Set clear intentions and measurable steps so you know where you headed. 

  • Profitable flow
  • Refine your Rhythm
  • Synchronise your Steps

Day 2 - Financials Profit and Loss

Understand & establish your numbers and what they mean.

  • Understand your Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Expenses and Profit
  • Create a Commission on Income Calculation structure
  • Create your Cashflow

Day three - Financials Balance Sheet, P&L and Cash flow

Understand what each financials statement stands for and what it measures.

  • Set up a annual enterprise rhythm 
  • Understand the three primary financial statements
  • Build a weekly flightdeck




Your Microdegree Mentor
Sandra Morrell
Sandra Morrell Mentor

With over 30 years experience in owning, starting, selling, building and purchasing Businesses. Including a home based Agricultural business which Sandra built from ground zero to a $6.5 million dollar success along with a Ready mix Concrete business which she co-founded and built from scratch turning over $1m within 3 months of operation to successfully marketing and networking to raise the $3m capital needed to list Entrepreneur Resorts Ltd as a publicly listed company on the Seychelles stock exchange (IPO). Co-Founder and Director of the Genius Group Ltd valued at over US$100m Sandra will ensure your business is on track for success.


She has now personally worked with hundreds of Businesses both in Australia and Internationally, thousands of individuals, and many multi million dollar corporations in a strategic consulting, mentoring and educating role and is still a successful Business owner. Sandra’s ‘hands on’ practical knowledge is enhanced by having over 14 years experience in Business Banking (NAB), Finance, Accounting, Leadership, Commercial Lending and Sales/Service.

Degree Steps

Establish your Enterprise
The 3 Primary Statements
Live Q&A 1
Live Q&A 2
Peer presentation