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How To Do Your Own PR




Have you been struggling to raise awareness and spread the word about yourself and your expertise or your products or services?


Are you fed up seeing other entrepreneurs or experts in your industry getting all the attention - being featured or interviewed in the press, winning awards or being invited to speak at events or on podcasts or webinars?


Do you often think why them and not me?  Have you been waiting for your turn and think the press or event organisers will surely come to you at some point?


Would you love to build a loyal following of raving fans who not only buy your products or services but tell everyone they know about you too?


Are these unprecedented times in lockdown crushing your dreams of making it big? Are you going to sit and wait for life to return to so-called normal?


Could it be that you simply just don't know where to start to make this all happen?  Are you time-poor and think you won't be able to do it yourself?  Or are you having a hard time believing that the press, influencers, event organisers, podcasters, etc would be interested in you and your business?


I'm pleased to share with you that you're not the first and you won't be the last to think this way.  What's more, I can assure you that you can absolutely change your current situation in just 12 weeks - possibly even sooner!


Achieving business growth and success relies on people knowing that you exist. And waiting for people to find you is hardly going to give you fast-track growth.


I can show you the key proactive steps you can take to build your audience and ensure they convert to loyal, trusted, raving fans.



Who is this programme for?

Business owners, thought leaders and go-to experts who are looking to:

  • Stop being a "nobody", playing small and finally stand out from the crowd
  • Experience an exponential growth in brand awareness
  • Secure media coverage - locally, nationally or globally

My How To Do Your Own PR programme will make you media ready, media friendly and media savvy!

You will discover the things that can make the difference between being a well-kept secret and a worldwide sensation! Which one sounds better to you?

Please note, you do not need to be an extrovert, a self-promoter, flashy or pushy to do this programme.  It’s not about that at all – this is all about building credibility, trust and strong relationships so that you attract more and more people to you. 



What you will learn from the programme?

I have been working in PR for over 25 years and have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and experts to launch and grow successful businesses by building their brand awareness and visibility.  I have also done the same with my own businesses – I have literally walked the walk and talked the talk myself.


In this programme I will lead you using a guaranteed easy to follow blueprint, just as we do with our own clients at my PR agency Adia PR.  I will share all my best advice, tips and strategies for you to implement and secure results fast.


I will show you step by step exactly what to do. You will learn:

  • How to position yourself correctly as an expert in your field, a thought-leader in your industry, or even a trailblazer amongst your peers (and know which one of those you want to be!)
  • How to raise awareness about yourself and your business
  • That you are important, you are not a “nobody” and that you do have something to say, that people want to listen to.
  • How to easily build credibility and manage your reputation
  • How to stand out from the crowd and grab the attention of the media – both online and traditional print media
  • How to launch your new product or service as the next ‘big thing’.
  • How to speak to journalists with confidence and clarity.


What results can you expect to see?

Building your brand awareness and/or raising your profile as the go-to expert in your field will bring so many benefits.  How do I know this? Because I see it constantly with my clients and my own business.…


Attract all sorts of new opportunities and opening of new doors – imagine how it would feel to have new enquiries and opportunities flowing towards you rather than you having to constantly “hustle” (that could be in the form of new ideal customers, distributors or stockists asking to list your products, a book deal with a publisher, being invited to speak at a high profile industry event or on your favourite podcast, etc).  Why are they suddenly coming to you – because they’ve finally heard or seen you thanks to your proactive media marketing.  


Raise your prices – the more you raise your awareness, visibility, credibility and trust factor, the easier it will be for you to raise your prices or fees.  In fact, people will expect it.  


Make an impact – You have just as much opportunity as anyone else to put your stamp on the world and share your messaging.  This programme will help you to educate your audience, inspire them, change behaviour and spur them into action too.


Improve your search engine ranking – the more online coverage you secure, the more this will boost your website’s organic search engine ranking without you even touching or paying for SEO.  


Attract new talent/employees/partnerships – success breeds success and you are likely to attract talented people who want to work with you or for you.  


Winning awards – raising your profile will help bring credibility to your award entries, judges are likely to mark you higher if they have heard great things about you already.  


Why should you trust Alison with your business fame?  

Alison Shadrack, founder and CEO of Adia PR, is a serial entrepreneur with a wealth of connections and a talent for raising awareness and building influence.


Alison's passion for good PR is at the heart of everything she does, which is why she has won a number of business awards and was recognised by Enterprise Nation and Experian as one of the UK's Top50 Business Advisers and Top5 PR Advisers in 2018. Alison is also the Chair of the Institute of Directors in Essex and an IoD Ambassdor for the East of England region. 


As PR adviser to some of the UK's top entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders, Alison has built an enviable reputation that keeps her little black book of media contacts growing. Still, she takes this all in her stride and is just as enthusiastic to work with young entrepreneurs and start-ups as she is with those at the top of their game.


Alison has been invited to speak at numerous business and industry events about how PR and media marketing can be used to create business fame. 


She has provided expert comment for many national newspapers and written articles for leading business publications and websites. 


For free advice and top tips from Alison, please join her Facebook Group community The PR Hub for Entrepreneurs.


View Alison's LinkedIn profile and her business website Adia PR



Who are some of Alison's raving fans?

"Doing Alison's programme was a real eye opener in how I could leverage PR to promote my business. I found I could take what I was already doing in my business to generate more awareness and visibility of myself and my business without having to increase my marketing spend.

Good PR increases credibility and enhances trust with customers even when you are a start-up and this is a great way to build your brand and reputation. I learnt to identify my ideal audience and Alison helped me to write my Expert Bio which I have used time and time again since.

The course was definitely a valuable investment which has yielded results in many ways for me."

Heena Thaker, Optometrist and Founder of Intentional Wealth Creation


With no experience of PR, I undertook Alison's programme.  Although this was a stretch for me that challenged me, I felt that completing the programme and tasks was important. By going through each module and task, with the support from Alison and her team, I slowly began to gain an understanding of what PR is and over the weeks started to build a set of tools that I can go back to and use at the right time for me.

As a transformational coach, I have had the skills to face and clear my fears of being visible. This is often our reluctance to fully embrace PR.  This morning before 12 pm, I have written this testimonial, altered an email pitch (I would not have considered writing an email pitch to a journalist before the course) and written two blogs (sometimes it has taken me a month to write one blog).  I have a clear insight on my next steps and who my target audience is.  I would recommend participating fully in any training Alison is offering.

Karen Haworth, Founder of One Heart Healing


When you are a Small Business, finding the right PR agency may be very difficult: too big, and you risk to have a huge bill and be neglected; too small, and you can save money while not having a good service.  I found the perfect fit with Adia PR: client-centric and cost-effective, they really understand me and I have seen my PR profile grow in a few months.

Stefano Maifreni, Founder of Eggcelerate


We built Arthur Online with the objective of revolutionizing the world of property management through cutting-edge new technology. Since the beginning of our journey we  used a number of different agencies, but the results were not as we hoped.  We started working with Adia PR in early 2018 and through their efforts we have received tremendous coverage in the media within the targeted industries. We have since been featured in over 30 different high-profile publications nationwide, the amount of exposure since the beginning has been excellent.
Rochelle Trup, Co-founder of Arthur Online 


What I love about Adia PR is that it’s personal - they really care about our business and getting our message out to the world.  Before starting work with them we were invisible; struggling to reach the business owners who would most benefit from what we do.  Through a continuous stream of very targeted and relevant media opportunities, speaking gigs and awards, Adia have placed us in front of the ‘right’ people, positioned Marianne as the expert, and ensured that our message is heard. To top it off, they're a lovely team of people too! What more would you want from your PR partner?

Marianne Page, Best-selling Author, Keynote speaker and Systems Jedi


Working with Adia PR is always enjoyable. Not only are the team great fun to work with, but they care about your business and get results. I have been in local, trade and national press as a result of Adia PR’s work. Alison Shadrack, Director at Adia PR has strong relationships and connections with many journalists across the U.K who are ready to hear your story.  Adia PR have real substance and with them you really can ‘Be heard, be seen and be a success’.

Simon Crowther, Founder of Flood Protection Solutions and Forbes 30 under 30 alumni



What does the programme involve? 

The course is delivered online – when you sign up, you will have instant access to the How To Do Your Own PR programme.

The programme is clear and easy for anyone to follow. Delivered online, 12 classes over 12 weeks. The training will be delivered via on-demand videos for you to watch and review as many times as you need. 

You’ll receive templates, worksheets, and lists of resources, to make it as easy as possible to turn the theory you are learning into direct action for your business.

Complete the assignments and apply the learning directly to your business. No need to wait until the end of the programme, you can take action and get results as soon as you're ready.


Build your own Little Black Book of Media Contacts - You will learn how to compile your very own media contact list tailored for you and your business (this is a list of the journalists, publications and influencers you need to be connecting with).

I recommend you work through the modules in their current order. However, you have immediate access to all of the classes so if there is something urgent that you'd like help with, then you can jump straight to it.

You will also have direct access to the assignments, worksheets and templates.  With each class, you will be assigned actions that you can implement directly into your business.


Module 1: Research & Clarity

Class 1: Brand Positioning and Reputation – Start off on the right foot!

Class 2: Identifying your Target Audience and Target Media

Class 3: Identifying and building your Target Journalists, Bloggers & Influencers List

Class 4: What’s Your Hook? Preparing your Key Messages and Story Ideas


Module 2: Media Relations

Class 5: Writing Press Releases that Journalists will Read!

Class 6: Preparing your Media Kit

Class 7: Mastering the Art of Pitching to Journalists

Class 8: Meet The Press - Hear from leading Journalists 


Module 3: Media Marketing Masterclasses

Class 9: Bad PR? Handling Negative Press and Reviews

Class 10: Dealing with Press Interviews

Class 11: Preparing Case Studies

Class 12: Promoting your brand with Blogs and Guest Posting, Vlogs and Podcasts



When does the programme start? 

As soon as you sign up. Do it at your own pace, in your own time.



What is the investment? 

$233 for TBC members (1/3 usual price $698) 


This course is designed to provide you with real results, ie actual media coverage.  How much is that worth to you and your business???

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