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Influex store gu services store 7
Level 1 Partner
  We need you!  The continuous growth of our curriculum, community and new customers in 2023 means we have a need for partners in faculty lea...
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Mentoring Programs
Debrief Mentoring
Need more confidence to conduct your Debrief or Team sessions?   What are the three things you need to deliver a successful debrief ✔ Conf...
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Level 3 Partner (Curriculum/Country Leader)
The global training and education market will reach $10 trillion in size by 2030. It is the biggest industry in the world ready for disruption. As ...
Influex store tbc logos   webinars to podcast 2
Mentoring Programs
Webinars To Podcast - Done For You Service
If you are creating webinars, why not turn them into podcasts? Allow your community to access the same content on the go. According to Google...
Influex store profitable presentations roadmap session
Mentoring Programs
Profitable Presentations Roadmap session
Do you shy away from giving a presentation or talk? Are you comfortable in front of people but your messages don’t get the desired results?  ...
Influex store gu services store
Mentoring Programs
1-1 Digital Marketing Strategy Session
Join me for my 1-1 Strategy Session, to get GeniusU Team's personal direction on the best marketing strategies, promotions and technology strategy ...
Influex store wdm bali
Mentoring Programs
Wealth Dynamics Masters - Bali (2023) Twinshare
Wealth Dynamics Masters will get you to a full and comprehensive digital business plan covering every element of your business concept, a priority ...
Badge tbc bordered Influex store inga ezera   visibility challenge
Mentoring Programs
Visibility Made Easy 5 Days Impactful Online Program
Join the 5 day 5 Star Visibility Made Easy Challenge programm designed to help you remove your blocks, bypass your fears, increase your self-confid...
Influex store wd for pi
Mentoring Programs
Wealth Dynamics for Property Investors Kickstart Session
Property Investing Strategies to match your Wealth Dynamics Profile Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused?  Do you want to enter the wonderfu...