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Mentoring Programs
High Level Personal Mentoring & Support
High level personal mentorship & supportWhether you are an accomplished entrepreneur, experienced business owner, a HIGH-POWERED executive or s...
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Mentoring Programs
Quantum Flow Activation
Quantum Flow is arguably one of the most advanced spiritual technology on the planet right now. Old modalities, on their own, such as classic yoga,...
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Mentoring Programs
Young Entrepreneur Microcourse
As a young entrepreneur, this is your time to impact the world and create your future. This microcourse is highly recommended for tweens, teens and...
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Positioning Your Message & Brand: 121 Strategy Session with Sally Griffyn
What if Coronavirus is giving you the opportunity to reset your entire brand? What if it’s the best thing that could ever happen to your busin...
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Talented teams work better together
Talented teams work better togetherHave you noticed how it only takes one person to rock the boat in a good team?In the current crisis its never be...
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Mentoring Programs
Keeping your remote workers engaged in the crisis
Keeping your remote workers engaged in the crisis.Employee engagement is always at the top of the best companies to work for agenda.The current cri...
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Mentoring Programs
Implementing Agile Leadership to Manage Change
So you have reinvented your business now you need to lead Change You have reinvented or pivoted your business to recognise 'the new norm' but ha...
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Mentoring Programs
Debrief Mentoring
Need more confidence to conduct your Debrief or Team sessions?   What are the three things you need to deliver a successful debrief ✔ Conf...
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Mentoring Programs
Wealth Dynamics for Property Investors Kickstart Session
Property Investing Strategies to match your Wealth Dynamics Profile Are you feeling overwhelmed and confused?  Do you want to enter the wonderfu...