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Mentoring Programs
Intuitive Energy Healing with Life Mentoring - Single session
Intuitive Energy Healing with Life Mentoring Are you overwhelmed by your life? Do you have an overly-active mind that is never quiet? Are...
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Sharpen your Focus
Join me for a 121 mentoring session so you can enjoy less stress, increased performance and more fun in your life   We will work together to ...
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Samurai Secrets for Calm Breathing and Agile Footwork
Samurai Secrets for Calm Breathing and Agile Footwork It isn't often that we focus on our breathing or our footwork, yet these are not only ...
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NANBA Dynamics Taster Session
Are you spending far too much time in front of the computer, to the point where you feel that your body is getting twisted out of shape?   Ar...
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Mentoring Programs
Create a customer journey to excite and delight
Helping Trusted Buyers enhance their post sale customer journey    Do you make a sale and then forget about your customer? Do you leave yo...
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Everything DiSC - Profile and Debrief
While some people struggle with communication, others can create harmony and cohesion in the way they communicate with others - workmates, family, ...
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A Taste of Zen: Meet a Japanese Tea Master
Rediscover the space of tranquility with a Taste of Zen, by meeting a special Tea Master.   Maeshima (Sousu) Kotaro is traditionally trained ...
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Mentoring Programs
Discover Your Ideal Career
Are you tired of your job? Do you feel stuck in your corporate career? Have you tried to set up an online business but the experience left you frus...
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Wealth Dynamics Test + 1:1 Debrief
Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure how to get into flow or how to become better at what you do? Let's fix this. Wealth Dynamics is the world’s leading p...