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Mentoring Programs
A gift certificate for Retreats
Remember, social distancing does NOT mean distancing from your dreams.…Even more importantly – using this time to prepare for the launch or relaunc...
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Dynamic Communication 101 - using Everything DISC®
Do you sometimes feel like the person you’re talking to just doesn’t get you? You’re going blue in the face trying to explain yourself, but feel li...
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Mentoring Programs
2 Day Wealth Dynamics Virtual Workshop
Create Your Customized 4 Week & 90 Day Cashflow Plan & Make Your Business CRASHPROOFGet the tools you need to navigate the next 4 weeks an...
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Energy Coaching Session
Are these uncertain times taking a toll on your well-being? Are you clear on what you need to do but are too emotionally overwhelmed? Balance your ...
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Mentoring Programs
Health Dynamics Profile Test & Comprehensive Debrief Session
While Health Dynamics is a personalised health system for modern times, it draws from a rich body of knowledge - The Ayurveda Teachings that date b...
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Mentoring Programs
Inner Circle with Adam Houlahan
Want to work directly with Adam on your LinkedIn strategy? If selected you will have access to Adam’s inner circle group and an unprecedented insid...
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Mentoring Programs
90-Minute Business Profit Accelerator Session
Would Uncovering $15,000- $50,000+ of Hidden Profits in Your Business Make Things Easier? The purpose of this Business Acceleration Session is t...
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Mentoring Programs
Digital Marketing Crash Course - DIY Microdegree
The 4 weeks Digital Marketing Crash Course (DIY Micro course) - valued at $197 The Marketing Autopilot Formula Micro course is an online course tha...
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Mentoring Programs
InSight-U Coaching Programme
Are you an aspiring or existing entrepreneur/leader searching for your ‘why’ or needing to reconnect with your purpose to make a bigger difference ...