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You will receive: Your personalised 52-page Wealth Dynamics 5.0 report based on your individual wealth profile 56-page Wealth Dynamics 5.0 ...
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Boosting Personal Productivity using your Genius
121 Strategy Session with Anil Thomas Join me for a 90 minute 121 Strategy Session to get you to use your Genius to boost yout productivity &amp...
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Change Management
Just Breathe
Just Breathe - Learn how release tension and increase your productivity!     How we live is how we breathe, by learning to breathe correct...
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Collaring your Time Thieves
121 mentoring session to help you take back control of your time, increase productivity and have more you time   We will work together to ide...
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Quick Fix Time Tips
What would you pay to get your time back? Join me in this 121 mentoring session to unlock your current time management strategies and introduce ...
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Your Clever Content Blueprint
Introducing ... Your Clever Content Blueprint for Success Do you lack the time, energy and confidence to create compelling content? Many do -...
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Change Management
Inner Mastery Series - (Group Session) Reset your Rhythm, Renew your Energy
Individual Self Care and Mental Wellness made easy On line retreat session (Begins July 5th) to reset your rhythm Less than 30 min a day to...
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Unlock your Brilliance, love your life and shine bright
Discover where your brilliance is and what is holding you back from really shining   Every person has a unique set of talents and skills – th...
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Unlock your Brilliance, double your income
Come with me on a 4 week journey to unlock your brilliance and double your income. What does brilliance mean to you? Sparkle, wisdom, glitter...