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Crypto - and other investments
Lets talk CRYPTO (and other investing options) - a safe place to share knowledge and ask any question: Winning by Sharing ! (remember: no such thing as a stupid question!!)
Accountability circle 2022
Let's help each other prepare for the future. Sharing problems, solutions, (disruption) ideas and tools
Costa Women
Costa Women connecting Women all over Spain and the Islands Free Community for Women living in, or planning on Moving to Spain
Networking - and How2
Simply Social Business Networking
Its not money we lack the most - its TIME !!! Follow / participate in this circle for tips and tools - and or let us give you a "Time Revision", either online, or - if you live in Denmark - by following your every day life - to rescue all the time you waste ! Learn to...
Expats living in Spain
Community hub for all us foreigners (Guiri´s ;-) - living and working in Spain
Online Accountant - Company Circle
Online accounting, bookkeeping and economical advice
ThinkInNewAreas - Company page
The place to Think In New Areas - and share knowledge, good ideas, tips, tricks etc. etc.
Genius´s ThinkInNewAreas
When you know your true Genius then you start to Think In New Areas / "outside the box" you were used to. Share knowledge learned here.................
Danskere på GeniusU
Vidensdeling for alle danske medlemmer af GeniusU