How do great entrepreneurs always manage to give more than they take, and still end up with more? By knowing the difference between scarce resources and entrepreneurial resources.

When you share a scarce resource, you end up with less. Share your money, and you end up with less money. Share your time, and you end up with less time.

When you share an entrepreneurial resource, you end up with more. Share your best ideas, and the idea will grow as others add to it. Share your connections, and your connections grow in strength and size. In turn, your entrepreneurial resources can be traded for scarce resources and in time you’ll have the time and money you need – for yourself or to give away.

Your vision, mission, trust, reputation, passion, power, determination, responsibility, experience, wisdom, happiness, care and love are all entrepreneurial resources where the more you share them, the more they grow.

While governments focus at fighting over a shrinking world of scarce resources, entrepreneurs focus at sharing and growing a whole new world of abundant resources.

Focus at scarce resources, and you will never have enough. Focus at your entrepreneurial resources and you will always have more than enough.

Your resources are like a candle. Focus at the wax, and you’ll always be in lack where the more you give, the less you have. Focus at the flame, and you’ll always be in abundance, where it costs a candle nothing to light another candle.

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