Good news! My free training series begins next week and I’m inviting you to join!
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This training series will take you through every step of the Wealth Spectrum, from getting cash flow positive, building your personal wealth and growing your business, to managing multiple investments. It’s based on my recent New York Times bestselling book, the Millionaire Master Plan, but you don’t need to have the book to follow this series.
I will be guiding you each week through this new one year video series (divided into the four seasons), I will take you through each level of the wealth spectrum, and there will be a chance for Q&A and interaction along the way.
The best way to start every day
I explain the training series, what you will get, together with my tips for the best way for you to start every day at:

Why join this training series?
Here’s my big three reasons why I think you’ll love this series:

  1. Every week there’s one bite-sized video taking you through each step of the wealth lighthouse, from growing your personal finances to building your business to managing multiple investments.
  2. It’s fully interactive: You can ask questions, comments and we’ll have interaction throughout the journey. Each video will link to assessments you can do to check your own progress (including free access to the Millionaire Master Plan test and GeniusU).
  3. It’s free and open: As it’s hosted on youtube, it’s free and you can share with friends and your team so they can join too.

To join, subscribe now and watch this video:
I believe with the right direction, each one of us can get to where we want to go: Provided we take the right steps at the right time.
Through this series, my commitment is to make sure that these steps are as simple and bite-sized as possible to follow for both you and everyone you believe can benefit from this knowledge. So once you’ve subscribed, please share with those you would like to support so they can take part as well.
Let’s make 2015 the best year ever.
Keep shining brightly!

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