How can you create 10x viral growth in your business? How can you grow rapidly and effortlessly as your customers share your products and message?
Here’s a video I shot in London, with the help of a 1,000 year old treasure chest and 888,000 poppies, with the two key things you need to create viral growth.
At Entrepreneurs Institute, by creating these two things, our profiling tools are now being used by over 250,000 people around the world and our community is growing by more than 1,000 new customers each day.
They are the same two things that the likes of Apple, Facebook and Alibaba (which lists on the New York Stock Exchange this Friday with the biggest IPO in history) have used to go from simple start-ups to multi-billion dollar companies.

Watch the video, and then implement these in your business today.

Keep shining brightly!
PS. I’ve now posted the Top 10 Global Trends 2015 from our London Millionaire Master Plan Conference. You can download them here:
PPS. In the last week Talent Dynamics (the sister company of Wealth Dynamics, focused at the corporate market) hosted the Trust Conference, featuring great speakers including Bob Geldof and Hollie Delaney from Zappos. You can watch the highlights of the event on this video here:
And here’s the link to my video on viral growth:

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