Welcome to the coolest circle ever! Perhaps the most mysterious ones to get your finger on the pulse of. Maybe you think you're just too passionate and this the where the defaults go. I'd like to think of it as a whole lot more meaningful than that. Your purpose is not your default zone! Not yours. Not mine. Not anyone else's, by any standards. 

As a Flow Consultant who works with Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs and Conscious Businesses, I'm a huge advocate of Purpose. Some people say I'm too much of a Millenial about these things. I still think they're trying to label the wrong thing. How you got here is important. What you are planning to do with it - now that's a whole level up on the purpose radar. So with that, I'm curious to find out what exactly sets your soul, business, and bank account on fire. 

See you in the comments below.... 

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