The Genius School Young Entrepreneur PitchFest Competition closed on 30th June. What a challenge it was to choose a winner! So many great business ideas plus lots of variety from online stores & digital platforms, to app development to make life easier, to tutoring, to products to take better care of the environment, to virtual reality spaces, to gaming, to services to support the community through different phases of life. 

It is a delight to announce we have 2 winners -  Aziyah Randolph Smith and Bichamumpaka Joseph. Both have been lucky enough to take the top prize in the PitchFest competition and will receive a fully-funded scholarship to attend the Young Entrepreneur Academy in August. 

We also have 15 Runner-Up spots and those applicants will receive a $2000 discount voucher to go towards their enrolment for the 100% virtual, 2-week program (Monday to Friday for 1 hour online from the 8th to 19th August 2022) to learn what it takes to be a young entrepreneur. A great opportunity to develop and launch their business idea. 

The Young Entrepreneur Academy key outcomes: 

  • Identify a future vision - setting youth up for success
  • Plan a profitable project - includes budgeting & knowing the financials
  • Plan a promotion strategy - setting goals & identifying the ideal customer
  • Identify the best team - being a leader of a successful team
  • Identify different business models - levels of business & the global impact
  • Develop a customer pathway - build trust and value
  • Maintain business growth  - develop a predictable & productive rhythm


  1. Teen Dynamics Profile Report
  2. Talent Dynamics Profile Report
  3. Teen Money Challenge Microdegree 
  4. Graduation Awards

Every young person who enrols for the Academy will also have an opportunity to complete a Teen Dynamics Profile and receive a report that identifies their unique talents, skills and capabilities. Also, there is the chance to win awards at graduation to provide continuing support for the growth of their business idea. 

Pop on over to the Young Entrepreneur Academy page to find out more about this unique program for young people. 


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