1. Work is the expression of our Love.

2. Through our work we serve, restoring harmony and fulfilling real deep needs of regenerating people and the planet.

3. We begin with ourselves, connecting to the essence of who we are, serving using our gifts and what we love to do.

4. We do what is ours to do, not comparing, but fully becoming ourselves.

5. We listen deeply so that our doing arises from the awareness of oneness rather than separation and our inner knowing of what benefits the whole.

6. We prioritise collaboration and co-creation rather than competition. 

7. Focusing on process, we already have intrinsic reward apart from results. 

8. We take the resources we need, give and receiving freely, participating in their harmonious circulation. Our income is consistent with the positive impact we are having.

9. With our Work, we transform the economy of separation, struggle and exploitation to one of harmony, cooperation and experience of abundance. 

10. Matching our gifts and what we love to do, to offer what the world deeply needs, becoming who we essentially are, there is a deep satisfaction for us and the people we serve.

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