The "Dealmaker" - like Simon Cowell, uses their negotiation skills to support the team. Dealmakers are the best peacemakers and leave everyone feeling good yet will struggle if you expect them to go out cold calling.

The strengths of the Dealmaker are: Outgoing, entertaining, approachable, listening to others, always connecting with people, quick to see opportunities, and always in conversation.

They are most successful when -
▪️ free to connect with others, out and about.
▪️ they have variety and constant contact
▪️ they have clear directions and know the rules of the game.

The challenges the Dealmaker face: Needs structure to get results, often too quick to please, often mischievous, easily distracted by others or their ideas, unsure of their own identity.

The Dealmakers, the rarest of the profiles, which we call the unicorns in our community. So if you find one, make sure to keep them. Tune in to Veronika Bondareva, who will share with you why dealmakers are so super special!

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