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Roger is writing a new book 'Genius Generation: Today's epic battle for the human soul' which will be launched in January 2024.

We're seeing a world which is divided by differences at a mass scale leading to conflict and war. Division equates to unconsciousness - the more we see we're separate from others, the less conscious we become.

Instead of being divided by our differences, which is where we lose, we need to become united by our uniqueness, to win.




Last week, Roger hosted a pre-launch of The World Game - New Ren.a.i.ssance. It was a sneak peek for our VIP partners ahead of the Partner Conference taking place on 5th October. This is likely to be the biggest launch we have done for many years. Roger shared what we will be doing between now and all the way up to the Singularity (potentially 2025) and beyond to 2030.

Roger first heard about Buckminster Fuller's 'The World Game', when he was studying Architecture at Cambridge University. Unfortunately he sadly died before sharing the rules of the game but he did say this:


Imagine a world where a global community of thought leaders and changemakers come together to raise our collective consciousness by playing the ‘World Game’, so we can grow our income and impact through collective action and use the power of Superhuman learning to solve the world’s greatest challenges. That’s what we’re launching at GeniusU.

We are starting the World Game at the beginning of October.


Roger also shared that we will be supporting the 100 Billion Meals Challenge led by Tony Robbins. Our goal is to deliver 100 million meals as 100 million impacts around the world. This will be thanks to the contribution of our community and partners via The World Game.

You can watch the replay of the Ren.A.I.ssance Pre-Launch here and view the slides here.


Genius Group


Last week we signed a joint venture partnership with Groove Digital Inc and Groove AI to deliver AI powered tools to GeniusU partners and faculty. We will be launching a new AI driven software as a service (“SAAS”) platform called Genius Groove Inc. The joint venture company, under 50/50 ownership, will integrate Groove Digital’s tools and Groove AI’s large language model engine with GeniusU’s Partner Portal.

This will provide unique AI driven drag-and-drop components to enable our partners, faculty and educators to rapidly build and scale global classrooms, integrating GeniusU’s freemium and premium course building tools with Groove’s end-to-end marketing, video, community building and online commerce tools. We intend to have this up and running by Q1 2024.

Roger says: "Groove Digital has supported the growth of hundreds of thousands of online entrepreneurs with their online business-building tools. We are excited to be joining forces to tailor these tools to the specific needs of online educators. There are many talented teachers that deserve to reach a global audience, and with Groove Digital’s suite of products, together with Groove AI’s content creation engine and GeniusU’s global community of students, they will be able to easily and affordably.”

CEO and co-founder of Groove Digital and Groove AI, Mike Filsaime, said “Our agreement with Genius Group is the first joint venture of its kind that Groove Digital and Groove AI has entered into, and speaks to our confidence and optimism in working effectively with the Genius team to serve the growing education market. Education is being dramatically disrupted with people more interested in learning from individuals than institutions. Genius Groove will deliver all the tools necessary for educators to run their global classrooms more effectively - and with more students - than most schools today.”

You can read the full press release on our Investor Relations site.


University of Antelope Valley

                     ​                    image

Edith Leal Flores, a remarkable graduate of UAV's Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program, has a success story that truly inspires.

Amid the challenging year of 2020, Edith embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with her own business "Everyone's Favorites" specializing in delectable pastries and desserts for special occasions. Two years later, her passion for culinary arts led her to seek further education and she joined UAV's comprehensive culinary arts program. Edith received a $6,000 scholarship and committed to completing her certificate in just 11 months.

Balancing the roles of a dedicated wife, mother, student and employee, Edith faced numerous challenges. Yet, her unyielding determination and unwavering support system fueled her progress. With a stellar 3.89 GPA, she emerged as a testament to resilience and hard work. Edith's journey extended beyond the classroom as she embraced the opportunity to work in UAV's kitchen, simultaneously refining her skills as both a student and an employee. Under the mentorship of Chef Chris and Chef Gonzalo, she cultivated a deep passion for both culinary arts and pastry.

As Edith continues to grow and learn, she embodies C.S. Lewis' wisdom: "You can't go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending." Thanks to UAV, Edith is well on her way to a promising future, armed with knowledge, experience and a boundless love for the world of food and pastries. Her success story serves as an inspiration to aspiring chefs and entrepreneurs alike.


Revealed Films

Revealed Films are launching a brand new docuseries in in October called 'The Entrepreneurial Brain'.

'The Entrepreneurial Brain' is a captivating 9-day program that delves into the intricate journeys of successful entrepreneurs, aiming to debunk common myths and misconceptions about entrepreneurship.

The series underscores that entrepreneurship is a choice and a journey, not a predetermined destiny. It emphasizes the importance of creativity, resourcefulness, and the ability to assemble a team of intelligent individuals.

The series also advocates for the recognition and development of individual strengths, challenging the traditional education system's focus on improving weaknesses. Through personal stories and insights from successful entrepreneurs, 'The Entrepreneurial Brain' offers a comprehensive exploration of the entrepreneurial mindset, providing invaluable guidance for aspiring entrepreneurs and those interested in understanding the entrepreneurial journey.

For further information and affiliate details, click here.

Property Investors Network


The 16th September marked a bittersweet moment for pin as they concluded the final workshop of Property Mastermind 32. Emma Williams, pin's Speaker Liaison shared "It's always a day filled with emotions, reflecting on the incredible journey we've been on together, but what truly warmed our hearts was having 5 of our top performers step up to share their inspirational case studies."

"They've accomplished remarkable feats over the past 12 months, and their stories serve as a testament to the power of dedication and hard work."


Simon Zutshi at pin is hosting The Virtual Property Exhibition on 29th September 2023.

The Virtual Property Exhibition is THE PLACE for property investors. Benefit from a full update on ALL aspects of the property market from some of the UK's leading property experts. You can dip in and out of the presentations, or you can watch all of them, to get a full market update. There is no cost to participate, but you do need to register to get your link to access the day. You can find out more information and register here.

You can find more events on our GeniusU platform here.

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