Welcome to 2024 — the year where all your dreams start to come true! What if that wasn’t a pipe dream and it was your new reality? What if you could find the catalyst of change to manifest your dreams — the secret ingredient which would help things start to flow magically.

It’s the start of the year and many people are reminded of the changes they want to make in their lives. We want to reach our goals and change our habits to support that.

You’ve might have made some New Year’s Resolutions, but research shows that most of them have the life-span of a fruit fly!

I’m not saying you shouldn’t make resolutions and live into them, but maybe you could also look at an underlying shift that will help you implement the changes.

So, what can make the difference in supporting change?

Perhaps there is the possibility of a more radical leap into our power to create our lives. And what will make the biggest, and most extensive difference in realising the change you want to make?

What would be a catalyst for change to help fully step into your power to create?


Suppose the change had already occurred and you asked yourself the question…

How come I’m creating/manifesting all that I desire now? What’s occurred for this to happen?

What would your answer be?

Since I’m pointing to a global change, what comes to my mind is that something must have fundamentally shifted in your inner experience, in the realm of how you perceive all of reality, yourself and/or the world.

That sounds like a massive transformation, but maybe not so challenging when you start to look in this direction!

An insight into the question posed above would facilitate or catalyse the ability to create your life consciously.

Inner Focus

As a society, our focus more often than not is on what we are doing. That is mostly valid. Action has a lot of power to create. However, what we regularly neglect is our inner experience, and what’s happening under the surface of the reality we see above the water. But it what’s happening under the surface which prevents us from taking action, being inconsistent, or simply spinning our wheels even though we’re trying hard.

So, what needs to shift to come into your power to create anything you want. What I see is that you’d need to have some deep insight into some of the following:

  • Understanding how things get created and manifest
  • Getting how reality and perception work
  • Knowing who you are and how you’re creating your reality

So that, in this arena of creating your reality, when you know how it works, you can align to it.

Dreaming our Reality

If you examine reality, we only interact with it indirectly, through our perception, so when that filter changes, our whole reality and world changes, since how we interact with reality shifts. What we sense, think, feel, and do, moves. And since we are a part of everything, everything else must move.

So, one way to begin to profoundly change our reality is to discover a catalyst that shifts our perception. An insight into how reality works and is created, has the potential to change everything, and we would create more powerfully.

Catalyst of Change for the Mind

Going a step further in the search for a catalyst for the mind which brings us back into our creative power, what thought, which, when grasped insightfully, would do the trick? Something which, like a chemical catalyst that creates a chain reaction, can lead to clarity and discovery of your creative power.

Some of the answers that came to mind in contemplating the above question were:

  • We have the power to think and experience it as our reality
  • or another expression of it…
  • Life is a dream of awakening into how we are creating our reality.
  • or
  • I am Dreaming life through Thought

When you insightfully know this, things begin to change. You know you are in your power always, and are not at the whim of circumstance, since how you experience reality entirely depends on what is happening in your perception and this is the same for everyone.

When you “know” this, you stop “dreaming” a reality through the power of Thought that you don’t want.

A little bit like how you would naturally move your hand from a hot stove because it burns, you stop entertaining and staying with Thought (this includes emotions), which burn, and cause you to experience a reality which is undesirable.


If a Genie turned up on your doorstep and granted you 3 wishes, what would you wish for? Perhaps you’d ask for all the riches in the world. In my mind, there is only one wish that makes sense… and it’s not even to ask for a million more wishes, it is to ask for the power to create anything you wish, the power of the Genie.

So maybe it’s worth exploring how you are creating your reality and empower yourself with the magic powers of the Genie!

If you’re interested in looking in this journey and making this transformation, get in contact.

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