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5 Trending Entrepreneur Training Courses suitable for Pos...

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Starting one’s own company is seldom easy. It is still highly sought after mainly because of the autonomy and the profit potential it offers. For those willing to hop onto the entrepreneurship wagon, it comes with its own set of unique...

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What is An Entrepreneurship Course? Know All About It Here!

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Entrepreneurship is all about having an idea and transforming a vision into a reality to generate revenue. 

How can you assess whether your idea is practical enough or not? Do you have the traits of an entrepreneur? Fortunately, we...

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Environmentally friendly constructor from WoodTrick

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As our planet becomes more and more polluted, we must do our part to reduce our impact on the environment. One way to do this is by choosing eco-friendly toys for our children. These toys are made with sustainable materials and...

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Global Entrepreneur Summit Speaker - Key takeaways from V...

Ruth Shearman

Speaking at Day 2 of the Global Entrepreneur Summit, hosted by Genius Group, Verne Harnish and Roger James Hamilton, CEO of Genius Group discuss why now, during the roaring 20s, is the time for entrepreneurs to flourish and multiply their business...
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🎄Merry Christmas And A Very Happy New Year✨

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🎄Christmas is a special time of year! May your world be filled with warmth and good cheer through the New Year, we wish you a joy-filled Christmas!



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There's a fine line between Flow and Failure!

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The key to success and smooth flow is for you to be in tune with the waves around you. Identify where you are, what you want, and how you can reach your aim.

Watch this video to know more 👇

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Global Entrepreneur Summit – Trend Three – The Final Exam

Ruth Shearman

At our Global Entrepreneur Summit on the 1st and 2nd of December,  Roger James Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Genius Group offered his predictions on the future trends of the next 10 years. 

The Final Exam

We are currently living in...

Desktop first they came for the socialists  and i did not speak out   because i was not a socialist then they came for the trade unionists  and i did not speak out   because i was not a trade unionist then they cam

The War Between Centralization and Decentralization

3 Susan Ritter

One of the underlying shifts in the world today is a shift from centralized structures to decentralized.   We go through these shifts in generational cycles. Usually, shifting from decentralized to centralized is rather smooth....
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5 Magic Steps To Unlock The Genie In Your Genius!

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How to unlock the Genie in your Genius? 🤔

What's the MAGIC which allows some to have their wishes come true while others struggle?

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Going Live Today! Join the Free Masterclass on How to bui...

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Free Masterclass on Building a Fortune Through Cryptocurrencies Going Live Today! Starts at 10 AM UK Time