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How to encourage your body to produce the magic elixir of...

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Want to know the secret to slowing down aging while improving immunity, skin, mood, physical strength and overall health? It all comes back to a potent, magic elixir that our bodies produce. According to Ayurveda, the substance in the body that...
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Scientists are about to explore never-before-seen depths ...

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The massive iceberg that calved off the Larsen-C shelf last July exposed a previously unexplored region of seafloor.
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Coral reefs: We continue to take more than we give

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Figures released today on international financial support being given to protect and sustainably manage the world’s coral reefs reveal funding contributions are not only inadequate, but disproportionate to how much the fragile ecosystems offer...
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Galaxia: The 2018 Temple

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Burning Man Arts is thrilled to announce that we have selected the 2018 Temple: Galaxia by Arthur Mamou-Mani! The Design Galaxia celebrates hope in the unknown, stars, planets, black holes, the movement uniting us in swirling galaxies of dreams. A...
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Update with the Wealth Vector System in Johannesburg, Sou...

Watch the update on the Wealth Vector System coming to you from Johannesburg, South Africa.


Come over and join a growing community of...

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Court Sides with Arctic Seals Losing Their Sea Ice Habita...

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The oil industry pushed back on Endangered Species Act protections for the seals, but an appeals court says there’s enough scientific evidence to support the threat.
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Explore Blue Planet and Planet Earth with BBC VR

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The Beeb has teamed with Google on virtual reality.
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Your Business Weekly Focus: 12th - 18th Feb 2018

Your Business Weekly focus:
12th - 18th Feb 2018

Coming from Johannesburg, South Africa this week, I’m at the Genius U microdegree builder workshop and attending the Genius U Annual conference.

This week we...

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An international plastics treaty could avert a 'Silent Sp...

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Global problems —like our plastic-choked seas —need global solutions.
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In Defense of Biodiversity: Why Protecting Species from E...

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A number of biologists have recently made the argument that extinction is part of evolution and that saving species need not be a conservation priority. But this revisionist thinking shows a lack of understanding of evolution and an ignorance of...