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Plastic pollution has reached 'pristine' Arctic

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Here's why the Arctic is no longer what you see in the pictures.
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Five ways to break up with plastic

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

From boar hair toothbrushes to beeswax food wrap, here's how you can dump the disposable plastics.
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What really happens to your body if you don’t get enough ...

13653174 10154265436825270 5266301741751399495 o Jo Formosa

Are you getting the sleep you need? Do you feel sleep deprived, are you making mistakes, forgetting things or feeling a bit foggy? If this sounds like you, you may not be getting the deep restful sleep that you need for physical and mental...
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Even Gender Equality issues start with the 'WHY'

21273068 174417003128419 2795482176227984905 o Debo Harris

This year, International Women’s Day (IWD) #IWD2018 challenges everyone to

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Entrepreneur TV Episode 9: Passion

Entrepreneur TV Episode 9: Passion

From Capetown, South Africa


This week’s episode connects us to the micro degree Your...

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Your brain hallucinates your conscious reality

Img 1265 Rita Juse-Cirkse

Right now, billions of neurons in your brain are working together to generate a conscious experience -- and not just any conscious experience, your experience of the world around you and of yourself within it. How does this happen? According to...
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Wealth Vector System

Just for today,

I choose to be Greater than I was yesterday

and I wish the same for all you x

Do you want your own Wealth Dynamic Vector Cards?

Are you a GEM, Flow, Performance or CC member looking...

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My Modern Met

Img 1265 Rita Juse-Cirkse

Every day, 142,000 computers are thrown away in the US.
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Empowerment 1.19 - Transforming Negative Beliefs

Img 1265 Rita Juse-Cirkse

http://www.bentinhomassaro.tv - “Home to the sincere and committed spiritual practitioner.” ***Video Description: ***Come to an Event! http://www.bentinhomas...
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International Women's Day: Reminder women must keep fight...

Img 4206 edited 2280x2074 Melissa Bordogna

Women everywhere have low status relative to men. This is a global phenomenon and there are no exceptions, and there is much work to be done in Canada and everywhere. The time is now.