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Your Weekly Business Focus: 8th - 14th January 2018

Your weekly business focus.�

8th - 14th January 2018

A defined focus for our Operating Team - the team, culture & vision that defines the enterprise.

Even without a current team in place, we can consider the...

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You Can Grow New Brain Cells, Regardless of Age. This is How

Img 1265 Rita Juse-Cirkse

Can we, as adults, grow new neurons? Neuroscientist Sandrine Thuret says that we can, and she offers research and practical advice on how we can help our brains…
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New Documentary Capturing Our Changing Oceans

Img 1265 Rita Juse-Cirkse

From the director of Chasing Ice comes an epic adventure to capture our changing oceans http://www.chasingcoral.com/
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Stephen Porges - Polyvagal Theory: how your body makes th...

Img 1265 Rita Juse-Cirkse

Im Gespräch mit Dr. Gunther Schmidt erläutert Prof. Stephen Porges, Begründer der polyvagal Theorie, seinen wissenschaftlichen Ansatz. Gemeinsam diskutieren ...
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'Latte levy' urged to cut cup waste

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

The UK throws away 2.5 billion non-recyclable coffee cups every year, MPs say.
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Plastic waste from the ocean is being turned into designe...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Off the coast of Catalonia, an intriguing experiment in the circular economy is taking place. Dozens of fishing vessels are heading out to sea and bringing back tonnes of plastic waste alongside their usual haul. The plastic is then used as the...
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Oceans suffocating as huge dead zones quadruple since 195...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Areas starved of oxygen in open ocean and by coasts have soared in recent decades, risking dire consequences for marine life and humanity
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Last year was tough....

Emotiveimages 150618 katrina 005crop2 Katrina Johnson

I am so excited for a fresh new year. Its full of hope, intentions, goals and positivity. 

If you are anything like me you've been through your  "planning" exercise and set some clear intentions for yourself, both personally...

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How to celebrate and reflect on the year that was - Newsk...

Emotiveimages 150618 katrina 005crop2 Katrina Johnson

Take advantage of the natural sense of completion and beginnings the end of year brings in your not for profit team.
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Principle 1: Values

The first principle: Values

No matter where you are in business...

What are the top 26 steps that allow you to 10x from where you are to where you want to go. 

Step 1 of 26 on how to 10x your...