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Picture?height=170&width=170&access token=200028500157213|71a3b3f8c0965ac64ef772b5f9d0c02f Darius Piraitis

See your life as a script that you are writing and creating every day.

In film, most scripts fail because of two reasons:

1. The protagonist isn’t active.

That is, if the protagonist...

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Google to give $1 billion to nonprofits and help American...

Cp profile pic headshot with colour background Chandresh Pala

CEO Sundar Pichai says Google has earmarked some of the $1 billion to help workers develop digital skills they need as rapid advances eliminate jobs.
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Think & Grow Rich 13 Principles "Deep Dive" #4: Specialis...

Simon in colour Simon Zutshi

Think & Grow Rich 13 Principles "Deep Dive" #4: Specialised Knowledge

Look up to the ceiling in the room in which you are sitting and you will see a light fitting. Know that if it were not for Thomas Edison’s...

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Avinash Behera

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Win a fully funded scholarship worth ($2375) to join the ...

Alm5wu0woxjhufd0l9j5qi1bi4qy6jmpduyqthfcpgvtbq=s50 Sajid Siddiqui

Win a fully funded scholarship (worth $2375to join our GeniusU Accelerator which helps Startups & Businesses generate an extra $1000 per month in predictable repeatable revenue within 12...

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New feature that has been added this week - you can now c...

Alm5wu0woxjhufd0l9j5qi1bi4qy6jmpduyqthfcpgvtbq=s50 Sajid Siddiqui

A new feature has been added this week - you can now configure the email updates that you want GeniusU to send you. 

There are a whole array of different projects that are being undertaken by Roger James Hamilton and his...

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Think & Grow Rich 13 Principles "Deep Dive" #3: Auto Sugg...

Simon in colour Simon Zutshi

Think & Grow Rich 13 Principles "Deep Dive" #3: Auto Suggestion

Here’s a thing: All of our thoughts have the tendency to create their physical, real world...

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There are no Mistakes - The Power of the Universe and the...

Inbound854023789560359170 Michelle More

When you're presenting a workshop and have a hitch due to an electrical power problem, don't be surprised if the Universe steps in to assist.  -   On week 4 of our initial 8 week Personal Transformation Adult Education program...

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11 Tips for Better Time Management

Sanket Apte

Learn how to effectively manage your time by planning, goal setting, prioritizing, and scheduling.
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Richard Branson on why The Ocean is Everybody's Business

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Join the movement and find out more at www.theoceaniseverybodysbusiness.org.