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The Government just announced it's banning microbeads

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

The Government is to go ahead with a ban on “rinse-off” plastic microbeads in cosmetics and personal care products following a public consultation, it has announced.
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The Underwater World of Gannets

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Richard Shucksmith and Matt Doggett capture images of gannets underwater like you have never seen them before.
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Dubai Set to Achieve Goal of Becoming First Blockchain Go...

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

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Cryptocurrency Moves Into the Skeptical Balkans

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

Cryptocurrency demand has increased in the Balkan region and associated central banks don’t like it.
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The STRiPES: "Finale Dance Sequence" (Zatoichi 2003) [HD]

Will reed William Reed

...details coming soon
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How 'catalytic philanthropy' could solve global waste

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

If donors are willing to donate to NGOs addressing education, health or environmental issues, why not also back solutions put forth by small businesses?
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Cultural Conundrum at Heart of Thailand’s Plastic Trash D...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Agriculture, Food & Nutrition, Planet, Asia Pacific
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8 NEW Facts about Plastic–And Why You Should Care - Ocean...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

As Chief Scientist at Ocean Conservancy I have a responsibility to share new research results with …
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40 Melbourne Startups To Watch in 2017

Cp profile pic headshot with colour background Chandresh Pala

Australia’s startup culture has been growing exponentially year on year. Given Sydney tends to a big chunk of the mentions when talking about Aussie startups, we wanted to explore what’s happening with the Melbourne startups shaking up our tech...
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Students learn more if they'll need to teach others - Fut...

Will reed William Reed

Students learn better and recall more when they think they will soon need to teach the material to someone else.