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To Accelerate Your Success, Build A Keystone Habit – The ...

One2one %2822 of 39%29 Adriann Meyer

When I started writing 1000 words a day, I had no idea that such a ritualistic and simple daily habit would invite so much opportunity and…
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France Plans to Ban Fossil Fuel Production

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

"Climate leadership in the 21st century is about more than reducing emissions, pricing carbon and improving efficiency. It must also be about keeping fossil fuels that the climate cannot afford in the ground." — Oil Change International
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Why would I use Drupal?

Img 1759 Stephen Purkiss

Often the first question I get asked is "Why would I use Drupal?" and it reminds me of this image. 

Drupal is a toolset for building what you want as much of what you need has already been built, so why build it again? From...

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Celebrate Drupal Commerce 2.0 with us! | Commerce Guys

Img 1759 Stephen Purkiss

Drupal Commerce 2.0 will release on September 20, 2017. It has been a monumental effort involving over 70 developers and agencies from around the world, and we can all feel proud of what we've achieved together. It is now more capable out of the...
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The End Of The Web CMS Brass Era? | purkiss

Img 1759 Stephen Purkiss

Growing up in Essex with my father and most of my friends families working in some capacity for the Ford Motor Company, I tend to gravitate towards the automotive industry whenever I hear people saying we need to look to history in order to see...
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Leapfrog the Drupal Learning Curve & Architect the Perfec...

Img 1759 Stephen Purkiss

"Drupal has a steep learning curve" is something I hear time and again, however I feel this is a misguided perception and something we need to work towards changing - especially now focus is on the adoption journey. Learning how to 'Drupal' is...
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Entertainment Tonight using Drupal

Img 1759 Stephen Purkiss

How Entertainment Tonight relaunched its website on Drupal 8 to serve 19 million unique monthly visitors
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environment Archives - Positive News

Fred headshot maxres main Fred Ferrante

France is set to ban the sale of any car that uses petrol or diesel fuel by 2040. The country’s ecology minister called it a “revolution”
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23 Environmental and Animal Organizations Are Standing Up...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

This year, shortly before the day marking the beginning of yet another killing season, 23 environmental and animal welfare organizations from all over the world came together to ask Japan to finally put an end to the hunts, International Marine...

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Northern lights linked to North Sea whale strandings - BB...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Scientists connect the solar storms behind the Aurora Borealis to the deaths of 29 whales in the North Sea.