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Stars, creators and dealmakers, what does profiling reall...

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Do all agents need to exhibit the same personality characteristics to be successful? The answer, according to Julie Davis and Neil Williams of Agent Dynami
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Scientists from Bengaluru will now grow forests using drones

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I cannot predict how successful the project is going to be. However, I am an optimistic person and I hope that our mission is successful.
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Learning is for life, says new alternative education project

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Greta Rossi left her career in mainstream higher education to start Akasha Innovation, where a new venture aims to help young people build a better future for themselves and generations to come
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Positive Psychology: Five keys to preparing for change

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The key to successfully dealing with change is preparation, explains our positive psychology columnist, Chris Johnstone
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Seabed Mining: The 30 People Who Could Decide the Fate of...

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As the International Seabed Authority moves to permit the mining of unique deep-sea habitats, calls grow for it to disclose secretive deliberations about the environmental consequences of extracting valuable minerals from the ocean floor.
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6 Things Every Mentor Should Do

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Establish ground rules from the start.
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Design a Lucky Life | Design Luck

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In 1993, Joan Ginther won a $5.4 million Texas Lotto jackpot. And this was just the start.
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Tomas Leach: The Lure – WeTransfer This Works

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“Sooner or later each of us will be nothing but the leftovers of history or an asterisk in a book that was never written.” This cheery sentence comes from Forrest Fenn’s autobiography The Thrill of The Chase, and Forrest knows…
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Succeed in Life Without Compromise | Design Luck

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Dominic Barton is the most influential person you probably haven’t heard of.
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How to prepare sales introduction letters that actually r...

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How often do businesses send an formal introduction letter or email that falls flat and not get the response? The purpose of your sales letter and intent is to get the attention of your read, introduce what is your unique service, and generate an...