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Nov 2013 ei blog

How to get (and forget) $3 Billion in a snap

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Two years ago Evan Spiegel came up with the app Snapchat as a college project. This week he turned down a $3 billion cash offer from Facebook to buy the[...]

Genius test quote ei blog oct 2013

Is your Genius Born or Built

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How much of your success is in your DNA? How much of it comes from skills that you can learn? Are we born into success or can you shape your[...]

Sep 2013 feature img

When do you cross the line?

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Have you reached it yet? That line in the sand when you stop owning your vision and your vision owns you? That impossible-to-define line where you become ‘public property’? As you[...]

Ei blog june 2013

River of Wealth

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Does the garden metaphor resonate with you? Are you busy chasing butterflies with a net or are you growing a garden? The garden is the first step. Here is the[...]

May 2013 ei blog

$2 Billion in 2 Weeks. Now thats what i call a shopping s...

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Marissa Mayer, the Cupcake Princess, is out shopping. First, she bought News App, Summly for $30 million. Then, last week, she bought Tumblr for $1.1 billion. This week she bought[...]

Apr 2013 ei blog

My lesson from Richard Branson – Income equals Incoming

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I was on Richard’s private island, Necker Island, last week, and was lucky enough to have a week with the Billionaire. Here’s one conversation we had that stuck with me…[...]

Mar 2013 ei blog

3 Steps to 30 Million – 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio’s story

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This week Yahoo bought 17 year old Nick D’Aloisio’s iPhone app, Summly, for $30 million. When Yahoo was founded in 1994, Nick wasn’t even born yet. What’s he doing with[...]

Ping fu ei blog feb 2013

Bend don’t Break

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If you’re having a hard day, read Woman Entrepreneur Ping Fu’s story. She has had an intense journey from Chinese Exile to Inc Entrepreneur of the Year. In the last[...]

Jan 2013 ei blog

How to fail your way to your first $1 billion

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How Sara Blakely lost her way to a billion dollars: 8 years ago Sara lost in the finale of Richard Branson’s reality TV show “Rebel Billionaire”. The loss was one[...]