ASANA Connected Reviews

How happy I am to have been through your MBA! Not all first-time experiences in life are gentle and smooth, but this one was. We have chosen with our heart and loved it! Great material presentation and delivery, extremely friendly community, genuinely caring and generous people, as it should be. Didn't get abandonment issues at the end, as there strong Asana community continues the support and every meeting is like a school graduates assembly that you actually want to visit. Highly recommend!

Hard to know where to start. We couldn't be happier with the amazing service offered by Howard, Kathy and Josh at Asana/Zest properties. The 6 month MBA was incredibly valuable in propelling us forward in our quest to build our own our own property business. We now run 3 properties and we have a war chest ready to roll out to start buying our own. The MBA along with the monthly Asana meetings were key to our progress and we couldn't love these guys more than we do. As well as the knowledge gained they made us feel a part of something we could rely on when we had our bumps in the road or to help fill in the gaps when we weren't sure what we were doing. Great empathy and wisdom. Even better is we never felt like we were going to be "sold to." It was a one off fee for the course and worth every penny. I strongly suggest you go along to one of the Asana meetings in Bolton to see what an amazing, friendly, family atmosphere the gang have put together. Glad we have them in our lives.