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BSI People Skills Ltd
Wellington, New Zealand
Empowering Leaders Changing The World
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education

Empowering people changes lives - more confident leaders, and stronger, more effective teams, getting better results in everything they're doing.  Empowered people can bring their best selves to everything they do, unleashing their strengths and energy to the power of the group. 

This is at the core of what BSI People Skills do - empowering leaders and teams at every level of an organisation to create a Workplace that Works, Leaders that Work, and Teams that Work.  

A Workplace that Works has: strong, competent leadership, teams with great communication able to leverage each other's strengths, a living shared vision and core values, all embedded to make a great team culture that's easy to bring new people into.  

The BSI People Skills team of facilitators bring a wealth of experience from their different backgrounds to the process.  Cathy Sheppard is the Founder and CEO, backed up by the core facilitator team of Lisa Addy and Sarah Best.  All are international speakers and trainers, all are DiSC Certified, and able to unleash the power of DiSC for improving communication, leadership and teamwork at every level in a business. 

The BSI People Skills process transforms organisations using the best in human technologies - combining the power of DiSC, with the premier team development tool 5 Behaviours of a Cohesive Team, along with the Wealth/Talent Dynamics suite of tests. 


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