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New Zealand The First Light
New Zealand
Company Type: Higher Education
New Zealand The First Light is the hub for leading edge teachings that provide an experiential process for people to become Self-Aware and begin the journey of Self-Mastery
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education

Our Vision

NZ The First Light sets the intention to send out the highest and purest vibration to set the tone for humanity as we begin the new day.

Our Mission

is to be the hub for leading edge teachings that provide an experiential process for people to become Self-Aware and begin the journey of Self-Mastery. bringing mind, body and soul into harmony and becoming co-creators of our reality, unleashing latent talents,and gifts and contributing to an inspired and empowered humanity.

My Why

I wake up each morning with the intention to change the quality of life of humanity, so that we live an inspired and empowered life.

A shift in consciousness from living from the outside in (conditioning), to living from the inside out by following your intuition, noticing synchronicities that are happening in your life and  becoming a conscious co-creator of your reality.


Health Dynamics

Do you know what your health blueprint is? Health Dynamics & Ayurveda take you on a journey to discover your unique personal health care plan that has two main goals:

1. Curative - to reverse disease where possible.

2. Preventative - to promote longevity through diet, daily life style, exercise and herbs.

The NOWNESS Method

Creating Your Reality Community - join us and support being the change you want to see:

We will be launching a MicroDegree soon and you will be notified in the Community. We would love to connect with you.

Get in touch to find out more.


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    New Zealand The First Light


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    Diane Wilkins

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Miriam Bredly

Diane Wilkins has truly crafted something special with NZ The First Light—a platform resonating with the winds of change sweeping across our world. Positioned in the first land to embrace the new day, it sets an ideal stage for a 'Leaders Platform' that reaches out globally. And for students seeking academic support, platforms like stand as beacons of excellence, offering reliable writing assistance on the educational journey. Here's to platforms that lead and services that truly support!

Annie Lawler

Diane is one of the most gentle positive people I've ever met. She has a knack of getting you the right type of help, just when you need it and has no idea how uplifting a few of her words were to me when we first met. Highly recommend engaging with Diane.

jf jf

In 2000 I created a global project for the new Millennium originating from New Zealand the first light country. Since then Daine Wilkens and I have been involved in several projects designed to raise awareness within N.Z. She has devoted much of her adult life creating positive change. She works tirelessly creating events, like NZ The First Light project and facilitating groups of people to raise awareness for the common good of all concerned...jf

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