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Cashbox Global
Company Type: Financial Services
We help you create predicable income streams that give you steady & consistent returns
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There have always been opportunities for more predictable rates of return, through products created by investment banks – but previously these have ONLY been available to very large investors. We wanted to make these opportunities available to everyday investors, like you and me – who don’t perhaps have a million dollars to invest in one product. So what we’ve done is gather interest from like-minded investors who have a minimum of 10,000 Dollars or more to invest per product, and put them in one box – a ‘cashbox of interested investors’ if you will!


Because of our strong relationships with the world’s leading Structured Note Designers iDad and the world’s largest banks, once the expression of interest from our members reaches over $500 000 per product, we are now able to take the opportunity to the banks to deliver on strong predictable return contracts, ranging from 6-12% per annum. The beauty being that the banks deal securely and confidentially with each individual investor in terms of their accounts, funds flow and reporting like they would with the largest of investors.

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    Cashbox Global - Predictable Growth & Income Streams for Financial Freedom


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    Investing for Strong Income in Unpredictable Markets


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    Beat your Fund Manager - How you can reduce risk and easily invest for returns of 10% - 14% p.a in USD and GBP.

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    Introduction to Structured Notes


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