Mission Mastery Academy Reviews

Więc jeśli będziesz uparcie dąży do własnych celów, wysiłek się opłaci. A zespół który wspiera twoją pracę kiedy się zgubisz jest bezcenny

I really support the mission of the Mission Mastery Academy to forward the social entrepreneur movement. As a social entrepreneur myself in the sustainable development investing I have been working with Nicola on becoming an International Speaker, getting clarity on my purpose and my message and niche in her Purpose To Profit KickStarter Microdegree, as well as the Get Ready Go Global Silver program. My confidence has increase, my clarity has given me the ability to take action and I'm doing what I always wanted to be doing. I highly recommend the programs the Mission Mastery Academy offer. It's much needed for our future sustainable world.

As a member of Nicola's Right Mission Right Money program I have had the benefit of several "ah ha" moments when the pieces just fell into the proper places for my business. Knowing my expertise is one thing, combining that with the niche and target market, tied to my overall mission/vision and what resonates with the client is quite another and much harder than most people realize. This is why it's so difficult to get this right on our own. Nicola is a pro and intuitively feels what path will work and what may not. I'm excited about her "Get Ready Go Global" platform that's rolled out, 2019 is already shaping into an amazing year!

GeniusU is the Entrepreneur HUB I choose to be part of for so many reasons....To learn, grow, connect, collaborate and partner with to make a positive and purposeful impact in our world.

The Entrepreneurs Institute is a global leader in the educational & event space for entrepreneurs of all levels, providing high quality trainings, certifications, conferences and retreats to connect business people with each other, and to make a greater social and environmental impact through business around the world. There is no better place to plug into all the opportunities of the organization than digitally through Genius U, or in person to connect and learn the best strategies at one of their events. A game changer for your business!