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Helping the founders of yellow to green level businesses to reverse engineer all aspects of their life to ensure that they can scale rapidly and sustainably while still living the life they deserve.
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education

Business:Engineered works with the founders of fast growth businesses to help them reverse engineered all aspects of their life to ensure that they do not fall in to the trap of building a business that enslaves them and results in them becoming 1 dimensional.

We have 3 core offerings:

Team:Engineered which helps the founders of fast growth start-ups ATTRACT the best possible talent, fast and profitably, RETAIN them in the business, with effective onboard and training, minimising staff turnover and MAXIMISE their potential by creating company cultures that result in higher performance, increased profitability and happier humans.

LinkedIn™:Engineered which helps business owners and entrepreneurs build their personal brand on LinkedIn by positioning them as thought leaders and experts within their field. In this day and age it is the companies with visible, memorable and social proof-able founders who win the talent war and are able to scale their business at pace.

Life:Engineered which takes business owners through the 6 aspects of becoming a 5 dimensional human: Business | Relationships | Wisdom | Health | Adventure | Spirituality

The "other" solutions range from Mindvalley seminars and quests, 1:1 coaching / Group coaching around business and "My Life Engineered" (blueprint for creating the life that your spirit truely wants to experience in this lifetime), group coaching and some co-created specialty courses on things like Health and Wellness, Relationships and Mindfulness etc. See less

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