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Karin Wasle Energy Mentoring
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Helping you to upgrade your Energy and Mindset to your next level
Top Purpose:

Karin Wasle Energy Mentoring has facilitated clients of all age to Emotional Wellbeing, Trauma Release and Life Balance over 15 yrs. Be it babies who need to find their sleep rhythm, mothers to find the connection to their heart and their kids, children with their need to navigate life without losing their joy, teenagers who search their way between judgment and freedom, or adults who have accumulated all of these pains, the connection to who they really are inside is key.

We have created a structured pathway for women's souls to express, clearing trauma, emotional blocks and mental dead-ends on the way, and teaching them to handle subtle energies. With the help of Stress Point Indicators, clients connect their biochemistry of their bodies with what is happening in their minds and release blocks through simple tools. We aslo utilize the global personal growth tool of Human Design to help women identify their strengths and their conditioning points.

The pathway leads to a complete upgrade of their inner operating systems, so they can rise into their full power to meet the new challenges of leadership they choose, for their own growth and for the meaningful contribution of their own sound to the symphony of life.

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