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FLO - Supporting Personalised Education
Palmerston, Northern Territory, Australia
Company Type: Education
FLO is committed to the facilitation of the creation and roll-out of FILPs - Fingerprint-Individualised Learning Portals
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education

FLO is committed to the pursuit of 'Quality Education' which will be realized through the facilitation of the creation and roll-out of FILPs -- Fingerprint-Individualized, Learning Portals -- that enable any learner, anywhere and at any time, to access an education that, by 2030, is the main alternative to a state-funded schooling delivered through purpose-built schools; a privately and marketplace-funded education that is as broad and as deep as the internet, as individualized as a fingerprint and as accessible as the air we breathe.

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    FLO - Supporting Personalised Education



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