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Happiness Institute
Reckless chase for Growth results in SADNESS (Stress Anxiety Depression Negativity Exhaustion Setbacks Scars) for all entrepreneurs. Here’s Our Solution: SMILE (Success Mindset Inspiration Laughter Enthusiasm) and LAFF (Love Abundance Freedom Fulfillment)

The end goal of every human endeavour is Happiness


Can we reverse the order and start with Happiness instead?

Imagine the outcomes of the actions for pursuing our goals and projects?

Will we get a big boost in speed of implementation and effectiveness in whatever we are trying to do for ourselves, our families, our community and society in general?


Happiness Institute provides Tools, Techniques and Step-by-Step Processes for individuals, and organisations to create:

FASTER (Fulfillment, Abundance, Success, Transformation, Enthusiasm and Rejoicing) RESULTS through our

HELP (Happiness, Energy, Laughter and Passion).

We recommend a dose of laughter to every student and client of ours, every day.


Why should we Laugh every day?

Laughter is the shortcut to Happiness. Laughter is also the best exercise for physical fitness, emotional fitness, financial fitness and spiritual fitness. People who laugh every day are super successful and super magnetic personalities. That's why we focus on laughter in every course that we facilitate.


Programs offered by Happiness Institute:


Laughter Stream:

* Laugh with CK

* Laugh Lines
LTP (Laughter Trainers Program) 

* LEP (Laughter Experts’ Program)


Happiness Stream:

* Tathastu Meditation

* Happiness Blueprint

* HEP (Happy Entrepreneurs Program)

* HPP (Happiness Practitioners Program)

Corporate Stream:

* RISE (Result Inspired Speech for Enterprises)

* SHINE (Success & Harmony Inspired by Neverending Energy)

* HILARIOUS (Halo, Inspire, Laugh, Ace, Re-frame context, Instill responsibility, Outstanding action, Urgency in achievement, Success)


For more details and registering in these programs or requesting a customized program, please feel free to visit our website:

For inviting our Founder (Happiness Coach CK Arora) to inspire and motivate your audience, please fill this form:

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    Happiness Institute


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