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Worldbuilding Adventurers Academy (WAA)
Company Type: Education
🤔💫 Would you like to create irresistible user experience journeys for your creations and businesses? Come leverage the power of UX design, Worldbuilding and Creativity!
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education

☀️ Founded on the sunny shores of Singapore (and soon in the Metaverse), Worldbuilding Adventurers Academy (say WAA!) is an education consultancy and global community that aims to enhance the creative consciousness of humans in the universe, one precious being at a time.

🧙‍♂️📰 Drawing insights from a diversity of east-west, fiction-reality, hero-villain case studies... backed up by a credible history of boots-on-the-ground grinds and head-in-the-clouds innovation... you can expect a magic mix of tools you can use to spice up your user experience journeys for all involved, while keeping that inner-child joy alive - customers, staff, leaders, even the janitor!

​​​​🤗👑 And we walk the talk as leading learners - strap in and get ready to experience our curricula that is built upon fun, gamification and personalisation (and soon, AI)!

🧠💡 Whether you are a nervous student looking to write a fantasy book, a budding entrepreneur seeking a stunning USP, or an established business owner seeking some spice in your setup, embark on our exclusive flight to design irresistible experiential journeys for those you want to impact!

🌏🚀 Let's get together and transform humanity's highest potential as Worldbuilders, to create a new generation of Dynamos that can solve wicked problems and thrive in the 21st century’s Imagination Age + Creator Economy.

#UXdesign #Worldbuilding #Creativity

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    Worldbuilding Adventurers Academy (WAA)


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