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Karin Merx Fine Art
United Kingdom
Company Type: Fine Art
I help women reconnect with their female power energy by painting portraits as a story and/or creating an art book of their story.
Top Purpose: 13 Gender Equality

There was a time when looking in the mirror was more than difficult. As an artist, portraits were always more than just the interest to paint them. I somehow could feel the person and channel more than just the shallow. After I hit rock bottom, it was art that came to my rescue. It was then that I painted a self-portrait.

The day after I looked at my sketch and cried bitter tiers. Not because I was sad, but because I found myself back. That portrait was the first self-portrait where I connected deeply with myself as a female and my female power energy. It was the first time that I painted a self-portrait that was not distorted. That is why I was so obsessed with portraits and it became my mission to help women to reconnect with their true selves again. Diversity and unity play a massive role in my work.

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