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Haven Partners Group
Florida, USA
Company Type: Real Estate
Scaling real estate model centered international transparent private performance based fund in land acquisition for 2 property types & 4 businesses.
Top Purpose: 15 Life on Land

We're not the first to develop 'entrepreneur incubators by default', yet it was in the works long before we became aware this is also a value of Genius U venues.  Our 'ensemble trifectas' and retro diner/takout hubs are fully plant based by a global brand and indirect connection to Genius U talent as well.  Once we discovered Genius U, the natural progression of association was the next logical step.  There was no way not to go forward in expanding global impact with so many values in common.

Our ideal clients are not only Limited Partners in our real estate and property focused international transparent private performance based fund (an investment vehicle tailored to next door millionaires who don't know private funds are available to them) as well as those encountering the great transfer of wealth who have not yet put safeguards in place where legacie begin.  The latter is usually classified as accredited investors.  Not unlike our other Global Citizen allies here and though our foundation, of equal priority is assisting anyone willing to create their own visions in environments we create together with consistent elements in common in models that scale globally, as a tribute to a grandfather's legacy, so that others may go from legacies to dynasties.

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    Haven Partners Group


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