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Women Travel Leaders
Tunbridge Wells, UK
A professional network for the most influential and inspiring women in travel
Top Purpose: 10 Quality Education
Women Travel Leaders (WTL) is a professional association comprising inspirational and influential business owners, executives, influencers, journalists, managers, hoteliers, representatives, and directors from around the world.

The WTL mission is to elevate diverse female professionals in the travel industry through community connections, peer-to-peer coaching, tailored community-led learning, and masterminding.


  Be surrounded by the right people.

Women Travel Leaders facilitates deep connections between high-performing leaders to help solve real time challenges in real time.  Our powerful community comes together in solidarity to raise one another higher.

  Women are stepping up to LEAD the change and BE the change There are certain opportunities and challenges that are unique to women in travel leadership roles. From our own personal experiences and conversations with many other women in the industry, we know how hard it can be to face these alone.

We believe that right now the travel business is ripe for change. Our customers, communities, and planet are demanding more from us. It’s inspiring to see how many women are already stepping up to lead this transformation and be the change. WTL is here to hold your vision, celebrate your efforts, and support you on your journey.

Women Travel Leaders Empowers Members to:

- Discover more abundance and financial success in your business and personal life

- Lead courageously and authentically

- Provide and benefit from peer support

- Gain media exposure

- Create positive economic, social, and environmental impact

-Nurture relationships within the diverse WTL community 

-Exchange best practices and contacts

Membership of WTL is by application-only. We limit memberships to those who have a track record of success, demonstrate leadership and a commitment to steering the travel industry to an even brighter future.

“The way of the heart is the way of courage.” — OSHO Your courage and passion led you to a career in travel. 


You likely chose this non-traditional career that has you traveling around the globe because you believed that travel has the power to change the world. But do you occasionally feel the meaning and inspiration have been lost? And although your work looks glamorous from the outside, do the constant demands of the job sometimes make you feel like you’re swimming upstream, like your cup is empty? We’ve been there and know how that is.

What if….

There were an easier way to do more of what you love on your own terms, play to your natural strengths, re-align your work with your values, find an abundance of energy and balance, all while leading from the heart and creating a bigger impact? To BE more and DO less. To become the graceful, heart-led leader you were born to be, to BE the inspiration instead of searching for it?

Imagine what it would feel like to be supported by a global network of other bold female thought leaders like you.

To be part of something much, much bigger—something truly global that lifts your spirit every day, helping you feel more connected to your true passion and purpose and more aligned with fulfilling your bigger mission.



  Welcome to WTL! We look forward to meeting and supporting you.

Jennine & Catherine

Founders of Women Travel Leaders


“Thank you for the energy you’ve created in this beautiful, safe environment. There is a tremendous amount of value in sharing with others in deep confidentiality and in having mutual support. I know I’m not alone on this journey and feel deeply connected and supported by the Women Travel Leaders community.” — MARIKA ROBERSON., INCA: NATURE & CULTURAL ADVENTURES Ready to join
Women Travel Leaders? WTL membership is for you if you are: A solo travel business owner or consultant

Working mostly on your own day-to-day or with a small team of consultants. WTL is a great way to expand your network beyond business as usual, learn new skills, and find more clients.

A manager or director in a small, medium, or larger travel business

With responsibility for a team and/or budget. You may be working for a destination, a tour operator, or an agency. While you may already receive some training and support from your company, you may at times feel “lonely at the top”. You will value meaningful time spent with your industry peers to foster long-lasting connections.

A media professional or influencer

With a platform or audience that looks to you for engaging stories and insightful information. You’re always searching for new and interesting people and places to showcase and love spotting emerging trends and finding hidden gems to share with the world.

Whatever your business or career path, imagine having the loving support of other successful women behind you in a global community of trusted,dear friends. If you feel called to join us and
are ready to take the next steps,
we’d love to hear from you.


What Women are saying about WTL… “Working with WTL allowed me a pathway to uncover the blockages that were withholding my intuition, joy, and deeper understanding of what was emerging in this powerful chapter of my business and personal life.

What a powerful experience it as has been to awaken my inner wisdom and recalibrate old patterns that were holding me back.

With your guidance and support, everything is showing up at the perfect time, and my business and team are rapidly growing and thriving. Meanwhile, I’m staying grounded, connected, and able to see the big picture and fulfill my life’s mission. This sacred space is a new paradigm, and I feel deeply supported by this aligned tribe!” — ANGELISA MURRAY, CEO & INSPIRED GUIDE, HERITAGE INSPIRATIONS

“You have no idea how WTL and the women you gathered in the travel industry mastermind have changed my life forever. The sessions always brighten my day and are the highlight of my week.”

— Robyn Potter, Owner of Robyn Potter Travel

“Opens up new perspectives in order to help you come up with your own solutions and self-motivate for action.”

— Norie Quintos, Editor-at-Large, National Geographic Traveler

“Deeply compassionate and action-oriented…I leave feeling lighter, more authentic…the encouragement and support have been so empowering.’

— Kay Whitchurch, Founder of Otros Ojos, Cuba Cultural Travel Stay up to date with the latest WTL news by joining our Mailing List






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