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Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind
Roger Hamilton's Mastermind for Entrepreneurs; monthly interviews with change makers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Each month, Roger focuses on a different step of the Wealth Spectrum, with links to missions on GeniusU, and he answers questions from Entrepreneur...
Creatives In Flow
Working in the Creative Industries or a Creatively-minded Entrepreneur? Join here to get access to business development videos, webinars, articles & tips.
Talent Dynamics for Young People
This is a mentoring circle for anyone who is passionate about using Talent Dynamics or Wealth Dynamics to make a difference in the lives of young people
Transform your life
Are your flitting around life searching for direction? Does every day feel like you are a climbing a mountain, rather than being on the mountain top dancing in the sunshine? We can work with you individually or in guided group workshops to show you how to transform your...
Grow your business with the help of over 20,000 entrepreneurs Learn how to attract new customers, maximise profits, increase impact and work from anywhere at our live virtual event by joining the world’s largest entrepreneur festival
A group for testing with the family
Mentorship for artists
This mentor circle is for the performing artists I mentor
The Natural Edge - Business and Leadership Lessons From The Natural World
I believe that the current way we live and lead is no longer sustainable and that nature provides us with a blueprint of an alternative approach, one based on collaboration and co-operation, where everyone works together towards a unified purpose, and no resources are...
Foundation Group Coaching Programme
For clients of the Foundation Programme that serves to bring people at Infra Red & Red Wealth Spectrum levels to the Orange level. Message me on here or at una[at] for more details.
Onion Academy Community
This circle has been created for the Onion Academy Community to connect and share their Genius