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Markus Neukom International
I work with Leaders who ask: "Is this as good as it gets? Or is there more to my life?" They want to rise above mediocrity.  Creating sought-after leaders with above-average levels of critical thinking, self-belief, and a sheer determination to make a difference is a...
Heads-up Life
Our Mission: Our Mission is to help people achieve career fulfilment and personal success. We help: •  People who want to start a second career transition to the right one or to start the right business for themselves. •  People who lost their jobs, recover and become...
Listening Circle
Our world is more auditory than you might think. Here it's all about listening, outside and inside. You’ll also get some insights about the specialty of our hearing sense as well as the super power of music also in a business context, which will hopefully give you an increased...
Jason Nichols Coaching and Mentoring
Starting and growing a business is hard. I know, I've been there. Being clear about your goals, how to achieve them and being held accountable to take action, can be the difference between success and failure.  As someone who has started and grown my own business, I know...
Fine Art Circle
This circle is to motivate, educate and inspire artists, aspiring artists and those who want to tap into that part they haven't not yet discovered.
New Kings Coffee
At New Kings Coffee we are dedicated to helping you explore a diverse range of high quality coffees from around the world; experiencing a variety of roasts, aromas and tastes. Our innovative coffee bags provide a single serving of each coffee, making these an ideal way to...
Operational Management
We focus on the stabilization and development of small and medium-sized companies. We will teach you how to create more added value and profit with less effort.
For Mom-and-Pop Shops, Boutique Brands, Local Salons, and Delicious Storefronts
THIS GROUP IS 100% FOR Scaleup Shop/Store/Small Business Entrepreneurs: + Looking to leave a lasting legacy and grow generational wealth + Looking to grow a profit-producing, purpose-driven product or service-based business + Looking to take care of business AND their life...
Jakarta Entrepreneurs Circle
Jakarta Entrepreneur Circle is the Circle to join for Entrepreneurs who reside in Jakarta, Indonesia or are interested in connecting with Entrepreneurs in the city.
Gold Survival Guide
Global education about wealth protection and monetary change. On top of being passionate about physical gold and silver, we are passionate about educating people on the need for wealth protection. We want to make more people aware of the changes going on with money today,...