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For Mom-and-Pop Shops, Boutique Brands, Local Salons, and Delicious Storefronts
THIS GROUP IS 100% FOR Scaleup Shop/Store/Small Business Entrepreneurs: + Looking to leave a lasting legacy and grow generational wealth + Looking to grow a profit-producing, purpose-driven product or service-based business + Looking to take care of business AND their life...
Jakarta Entrepreneurs Circle
Jakarta Entrepreneur Circle is the Circle to join for Entrepreneurs who reside in Jakarta, Indonesia or are interested in connecting with Entrepreneurs in the city.
Gold Survival Guide
Global education about wealth protection and monetary change. On top of being passionate about physical gold and silver, we are passionate about educating people on the need for wealth protection. We want to make more people aware of the changes going on with money today,...
Freshly Baked Brand
I help you clarify your brand identity and create online offers that are aligned with your personality and mission. I focus on strategy and simplifying your processes. With my tech background, I can also help you setup your online tools so that you can focus on helping...
Your Vision's Catalyst, LLC
Vanessa Zamy, appropriately known as The Business DefibrillatorTM, is a keynote speaker, bestselling author, Professor, and global business consultant helping business owners revive, grow, and scale their business without burnout, sleep deprivation, or meditation. Vanessa, The...
Moon Dynamics Collective
Moon Dynamics - where Natural Genius meets the Cosmic Flow and Energy of the Moon. Learn how to Manifest,Plan and Design your ideal life in tune with Nature and the Cosmic Rhythm and Cycles of the Moon
SONiNATE Productions
When taking the step of leading a company into Business 5.0, one important aspect is often overlooked or completely underestimated, which is the emotional. How emotional are my brand and my business? Does my brand appearance really reflect my uniqueness in alignment with who...
QA Circle
Write a Detailed Description of Company
Reevew - Self-Awareness Circle
Welcome to the Reevew circle, which is a safe space to identify, explore and move beyond internal and external barriers that are holding you back. In this circle we will discuss topics and questions to help you with breaking through what is getting in your way. We value...
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