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Bali FCPC Workshop
Here we can collaborate and join together as a community.
Coach Accelerator
Get wealthy supporting others to do the same. Join an elite group of mission-based coaches, mentors, and consultants fully committed to becoming the best in the world at what they do.
Svajonių dirbtuvės
Įkvepiančios savęs pažinimo programos sėkmingiems žmonėms, norintiems įgyvendinti reikšmingus pokyčius savo profesiniame gyvenime.
LIVE IT UP 360 Mastermind
A private circle for LIVE IT UP 360 Mastermind participants. Where HEART & SOUL meets SERIOUS BUSINESS
Flow Consultants for Peter Boolkah
This mentor circle is for Peter to add, edit and evaluate the progress of Flow Consultants under his application.
Genius for Young people
Mentor and coach young people to understand their strengths, therefore gain confidence and set direction If you are 14-19 years old, please join. Welcome coaches, trainers, parents and people who work with youth to join as well.
Grow your Coaching Practice
This group is for Coaches ans consultants who are looking to grow their practice in excess of £250,000 a year and have an amazing life....
The 'Levels' Can Your Business Step Up To The Growth Challenge
This is the hangout for businesses that are transitioning through Levels 1 to 4 and want to learn how to structure and grow their enterprise.
Annual Partners Conference 2016 - South Africa
A group for sharing resources during the 2016 Partner Conference in South Africa
Genius Entrepreneur Mastermind
Roger Hamilton's Mastermind for Entrepreneurs; monthly interviews with change makers and entrepreneurs from around the world. Each month, Roger focuses on a different step of the Wealth Spectrum, with links to missions on GeniusU, and he answers questions from Entrepreneur...