Explore 5 key steps to help young people develop the skills and capacity to be active learners in an ever-changing information environment so they can be future-ready and have the capability to be successful in school, work and life. Discover the attributes for delivering real-world learning experiences through examples of student work.


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Karen Bonanno
Karen Bonanno


Microdegree Outcomes

The younger generation is growing up in a complex world where information is broadcast to them via multiple information and media channels. They encounter this in school and in everyday life. It is imperative they have the skills to know how to successfully navigate the information overwhelm and to apply these skills to be able to learn smarter and more efficiently now and in the future. 

Karen Bonanno has been a strong advocate for preparing young people for a very different future through her writings, work on Inquiry Skills Scope & Sequence, Future Skills Future Schools Future Libraries presentations, and her involvement with the Genius School.  

She has developed and delivered inquiry & purpose-based microschools that bring together four key components for being future-ready: 
* Learning how to learn, not what to learn; an essential lifelong capability.
* 21st Century Skills development for creative & innovative thinking.
* Authentic, real-life application of learning to become an active global citizen.
* Development of character qualities for interpersonal & emotional well-being. 

Through a facilitated learning approach, students engage in active learning, ultimately taking charge of their learning outcomes. 

Your Microdegree Mentor
Karen Bonanno
Karen Bonanno Mentor

Karen Bonanno is an Australian based educator and national provider of professional learning for teachers and teacher librarians. Her main area of work involves planning and hosting professional learning opportunities for educators with a specific focus on innovative teaching and learning strategies and resourcing as it applies to curriculum design and delivery. Karen has been acknowledged as a 'learning commons visionary' and an 'edupreneur' by her colleagues and professional associations. As a Global Genius Educator with Genius School, she is involved in designing and delivering the Genius School Curriculum. 

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