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Private Lessons - Deep Dive - 2 hours
Ready to Dive Deeper? If you prefer personalized attention in the privacy of your home or mine, I offer coaching, bodywork, and private lessons. ...
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Emotions Run Wild Card Game
Emotion Runs Wild© is an interactive EQ-Scenario-based card game where players create the most absurd stories to match emotions and situations to s...
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Prosperity Playshop
In this fun interactive workshop, we will be sharing ancient and cutting edge prosperity principles as well as easy simple practices that will incr...
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Just Breathe
Just Breathe - Learn how release tension and increase your productivity!     How we live is how we breathe, by learning to breathe correct...
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Inner Mastery Series - (Group Session) Reset your Rhythm, Renew your Energy
Individual Self Care and Mental Wellness made easy On line retreat session (Begins July 5th) to reset your rhythm Less than 30 min a day to...
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WOW! Retreat:  discover and love your true self.
Are you seeking nourishment and soul fulfillment?  The WOW Retreat will help you: Discover your inner connection Experience real joy in ...
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Mentoring Programs
Find your Flow & Live by it
Do you need tools to deal with your stress levels and find ease in your daily life? Do you wish to live a life filled with passion and purpose? ...
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Unleash Your Talent: 2-day empowerment program for teens
A 2-day, fun-packed, self-awareness programme for teens, ages 15-17. The teenagers explore their strengths and passions, while gaining self-esteem,...
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Early Elly
2 nights accommodation in a luxurious chalet (suitable for 2 people). 4 days Full Board Meals (Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast) plus Mo...