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Wealth Dynamics Profile: STAR ⭐
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" I love Wealth Dynamics as an entrepreneur. I really enjoyed taking the test in the first place to find out more about who I am and how I work best as I work to grow my business. But the more I've used it and really understood the depth of it, the easier it has got to really step into my strengths, build my business around who I am as a STAR profile, and find those people that I need to collaborate with to stay in my flow.

Over time, I've found out that the whole square is useful in growing each aspect of the business over time. It describes the cycles we need to go through as we grow - identifying new products, raving about them so people know about them, finding the customers, closing the deals, strengthening the customer journey, mapping out what needs to be done, analysing what's working and what needs to change, then automating as much as possible to make it easier. This insight has been incredibly useful as I've added more products to what we do - less is more, sort something out properly and embed it before finding the next shiny squirrel (which may or may not have rabies). This is where looking to different team members for their strengths in particular areas comes in too.

In this thinking, I have Roger's voice in my head too - sometimes we need to slow down in order to speed up! Making sure each step is covered helps this, especially knowing I don't have to do every step myself! I can be me, using my STAR profile to build connections and showcase others from a genuine space, then seeing the results of that flow into my own business through the relationships I've built. The people I connect to work with are those with similar values, wanting to make a difference in the world! "

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