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Idyllic Caribbean island has been ruined by rubbish

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Beaches in Honduras are being choked by a solid mass of bottles, wrappers and other recyclable waste turning the once-idyllic island into a floating landfill site off the Caribbean island's coast.
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Ancient Ruins Discovered Under Lake in Turkey

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Video shows the remains of an ancient fortress sitting hidden beneath the lake's surface.
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8 Completely Ridiculous Sea Creature Names You Won’t Beli...

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What's in a name? We bet these little guys would like to know. Here are the eight most ridiculous sea creature names to ever exist.
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How a South African Entrepreneur is revolutionizing the p...

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Scott Picken discovered his greatest opportunity when his property sales company was struggling most. As a result, he has transformed a challenge with his property sales company into a fast-growing tech company, Wealth Migrate, which is on a...

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'We could build something revolutionary': how tech set un...

Phil ceremony Philip Heeley

YouTube, social media and even Bitcoin are allowing musicians to reject major labels and go it alone – but the industry is fighting back. Can artists use technology to stay truly independent?
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Why Meditation Needs To Be Part Of Your Health Regime - H...

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Meditation isn’t something practiced by a minority or the fringes of society anymore. It seem everyone in Hollywood and Silicon Valley is into it now, from Katy Perry and Madonna to Hugh Jackman, Clint Eastwood and LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner. More...
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Danone invests in firm selling bottled water from ocean f...

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Water comes from a deep ocean current off the coast of Hawaii and is desalinated using reverse osmosis
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Ocean acidification: climate change's evil twin | DW Envi...

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A recent report shows rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere are about to make the world's oceans uninhabitable for many sea creatures, threatening entire ocean ecosystems. What can be done?
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To End Overfishing in EU, Ministers Must Follow the Science

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European Union fisheries ministers returning from summer breaks have a lot to catch up on. The negotiation of multi-annual plans, domestic management of fishing quotas, and of course Brexit will all compete for ministers’ attention as the annual...
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Obesity Epidemic And Overdosing On Sugar - What You Need ...

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Currently one in four children in Australia is now classified as overweight or obese. In the US obesity rates in children have tripled since the 1970s. This is also the first generation where parents may outlive their children.The crazy thing is...