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Seven more lessons for a successful career (and life) fro...

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Jack Ma shared more of the thinking that has made him the richest man in Asia, as he delivered speeches on successive days at Alibaba’s She-Era 2017 and Global Netrepreneurs conferences in Hangzhou in July.

1. There...

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The 12 Common Archetypes

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1. The Innocent Motto: Free to be you and me Core desire: to get to paradise Goal: to be happy Greatest fear: to be punished for doing something bad or wrong Strategy: to do things right Weakness: boring for all their naive innocence Talent: faith...
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Violence against women -- it's a men's issue

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Domestic violence and sexual abuse are often called "women's issues." But in this bold, blunt talk, Jackson Katz points out that these are intrinsically men's issues -- and shows how these violent behaviors are tied to definitions of manhood. A...
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The importance of regular detoxing

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Detoxing not only can help a range of ailments including insomnia and stress; hormonal imbalance and poor blood circulation; premature aging and...
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5 Trends In Cryptocurrency Entrepreneurs Need to Know

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The online payment realm has made serious strides in the past 10 to 20 years. Today, we can make payments easily and quickly by simply filling in some online information and clicking a few buttons. Money is debited from our accounts and we...

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Three Leadership Lessons For Underage Entrepreneurs

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When Travis Kalanick, the chief executive of Uber, was caught on tape berating a driver earlier this year,...

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A sneak preview of Finding My Virginity

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You can only lose your virginity once. But in every aspect of my life – building businesses, raising my family, embarking upon adventures – I try to do things for the first time every day.
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The rise of the ‘silver entrepreneur’

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There are now half a million ‘silver entrepreneurs’, working for themselves beyond retirement age, according to new research from Old Mutual Wealth
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Money Never Was A Big Deal

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Money is not a big deal. Never was. When it's there, good. When it's not there, no big deal. We can always find ways to survi...
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How To Eat For Optimal Health And Weight Loss - Health Dy...

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Want to know the secret to health, longevity and weight loss? It all comes down to taste. Just ask M.Tobin (melbourne) Once he started eating with the Six Ayurvedic Tastes, and giving his body the specific taste it needed, things quickly kicked...