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Blog: Drupal 8’s Accessibility Advantage: WAI-ARIA | Open...

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You probably wont notice it, but Drupal 8 comes packed with WAI-ARIA markup to ensure that your pages are as semantically correct as they can be out of the box. Who will notice it though is blind users who rely on additional meaning to be hard...
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Salesforce to launch $50 million artificial intelligence ...

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The venture wing of Salesforce.com Inc is launching a $50 million fund to invest in start-ups employing artificial intelligence, the cloud computing firm told Reuters on Tuesday.
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Case Study: ORLO watches

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ORLO is a young watch company from Copenhagen and was founded in 2016 by Frederik Høltzel and Kenn Haagaard.
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在Drupal Commerce上运行十亿元业务

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此篇博客最先以英文版本发布在Drupal.org作为推荐案例, 请查看英文版本
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Interflora | adaptLayer 1

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A new gift universe comes to life
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Alex Steblowsky

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This 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud lady, who is fully dressed each morning by eight o’clock, with her hair fashionably coiffed and makeup perfectly applied, even though she is legally...
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So you’re vata body type? What you need to know in order ...

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You may be a vata body type, which means you are a normally lean, skinny minnies, often with long, thin frames and narrow shoulders and hips. You may be frustrated because you might be suffer bloating, constipation or IBS and put on weight around...
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Self care for the Not for profit Leader - Newsky Consulting

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Its time to talk about self care as not-for-profit leaders. And I’m not talking diet, exercise and meditation!!! Self care goes beyond just you as a leader
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How Drones Could Shape the Next Generation of Solar Power...

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Their relatively short flying time makes them the perfect testing ground.
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What Is A Chatbot, And Why Is It Important For Your Busin...

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Making things clear about Chatbots: what is a chatbot, how you can use it in your business, and how to implement it on your Drupal site.