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Lilac (Low Impact Living Affordable Community) - BSHF

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Lilac is a self-planned and managed co-housing community in Leeds, England. It embraces the concept of living sustainably and communally. Members of Lilac have their own individual homes but share financial responsibility, the land, the...
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20 Beautiful Japanese Words We Really Need in English

Will reed William Reed

Gain a new understanding of Japan's culture with these 20 uniquely Japanese words and phrases.
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Jellyfish blooms linked to offshore gas platforms and win...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Vast blooms of jellyfish are becoming increasingly common – perhaps because human-made offshore platforms act as ideal nursery grounds for young jellies
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Do you feel that your current lifestyle, job, or business lacks meaning and purpose?
Susie Hutchison is a successful Australian entrepreneur and a founding director of a market-leading global travel software company. Despite her considerable...

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Which people inspire you and why?

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Musings on the 'Big Why' and what is it that causes some people to inspire us, apparently effortlessly... Thoughts loosely around our Leeds Entrepreneur Social speakers, Richard McCann,...

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This Tiny, Bulbous-Nosed Shark Glows in the Dark

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

After 17 years of study, scientists finally confirm that the oddball creature is a new species
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Meat industry blamed for largest-ever 'dead zone' in Gulf...

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A new report shows toxins from suppliers to companies like Tyson Foods are pouring into waterways, causing marine life to leave or die
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Is it fair to blame Coca-Cola and big corporations for ou...

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Some global corporations are trying to address the environmental impact of throwaway culture, but campaigners say they remain part of the problem
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Time to rethink our perspective on jobs and technology | ...

Will reed William Reed

It's time to assess the very real impact of technology's advances on those who will lose their jobs today as the "jobs of tomorrow" are created.
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Elizabeth Blackburn on the telomere effect: ‘It’s about k...

Will reed William Reed

The Nobel winner says keeping telomeres – the ends of our chromosomes – in prime condition can stave off diseases associated with ageing