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You’re 100 Percent Wrong About Critical Thinking

Will reed William Reed

The buzz phrase of education reformers has nothing to do with the crisis in U.S. classrooms.
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Recently in 2016, The United Nations came up with 17 key goals to be addressed and worked upon to make the world a better place. We have seen successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson and Bill...
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This New Tire Has No Air And Is 3D Printed From Biodegrad...

Cp profile pic headshot with colour background Chandresh Chandresh

The VISION, a new tire-wheel combination from Michelin, means the clean car of the future can have clean tires, as well.
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The Ocean Day Concert: Mark Ridout & The Rhythm

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

Join our super cool free concert during The Ocean Day! The Band: Mark Ridout & the Rhythm are an uplifting and positive folk/reggae duo from Byron Bay,...
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UN Sustainable Development Goals - Courses (Free)

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

[mashshare] Adopted by the United Nations in 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals with 169 targets that the UN is committed to ...
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Unicef Joins Up With Ethereum to Level The Trust of Its T...

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

Blockchain transparency and peer-to-peer Ethereum systems is showing off once again its utility joining forces with UNICEF in a so-called 'smart contract'
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Cultural Immersion: Becoming A Mikoshi Bearer In Japan -...

Will reed William Reed

It is still very hot on this November day. Some of my friends living in Saitama, the large prefecture north of Tokyo, have invited me to come and visit them in their city of Kawaguchi for a matsuri, a Japanese [...]
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Meet the Aboriginal Community Turning Abandoned Fishing G...

Square image louise mosley Louise Mosley

On Australia’s Cape York Peninsula, artists weave deadly “ghost nets” into totems.
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How Ethereum Blockchain Can Solve Your Social Media Priva...

Wf 170216 gac 1326 Susie Hutchison

LinkedIn and other social networks are centralized--they own all your data. The next-gen social networks, based on ethereum blockchain, changes that.
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Oldest Pottery | The Smithsonian Institution's Human Orig...

Will reed William Reed

Making Baskets and Pottery Early humans may have made bags from skin long ago. By around 26,000 years ago, they were weaving plant fibers to make cords and perhaps baskets. Some of the oldest known pottery from Japan’s Jomon culture, seen here, is...