B1G1 Reviews

blob opera The Healing Room is a beautiful space, and Debbie is a natural healer. When you depart, you'll be tranquil and refreshed.

Absolutely amazing company, very purpose driven and allows you to impact the world. Paul and Masami are absolutely amazing human beings and the company they have created and team they have nurtured are a true testament to the power of small.

Congrats on hitting 250,000,000 impacts and I look forward to celebrating a whole heap more with you.

Having been a social enterprise, and more recently also a social impact, consultant for decades my delight was great when I came across with B1G1 last Autumn 2019 in London. Finally, I could connect with a global giving organisation and movement that make having an impact so easy and part of your every day life. The team and the community are wonderful and inspiring, and I highly recommend becoming a Champion of B1G1.

DP Dental has been a member of B1G1 since 2010. We have seen how the organisation has grown under the leadership of Masami and Paul. I am so delighted to find that Genius U is also affiliated and look forward to linking giving to my learning too!

Every one of our businesses has been a partner with B1G1. The whole philosophy of being philanthropic not just with your resources but with your time and your talents has been an integral part of my life since childhood and the community B1G1 have brought together are people who not only get that concept but act on it every day. They have become such a key part of not just my personal journey but the journey of my children and young adults - even my extended family. So much so that we decided that the very first expense of our new business - before even recording the business name or anything else was to make the commitment for it to be a B1G1 partner; to step up and make the commitment of the number of impacts we wanted to make being the first part of any promotion. The vision of Masami and Paul is inspiring and their warmth to all of humanity is like enveloping the whole world in a big embrace... leaving no-one out and leaving no-one behind.

B1G1 is an amazing way to give back to humanity. There are a range of impact values enabling you to give an impact for the smallest amount of investment. You can choose a range of impacts that aligns with each of the United Nations Global goals so you can support your Purpose and give back. I highly recommend and endorse B1G1.

I have loved B1G1 since I first heard about it. An amazing organisation changing hearts and minds globally by allowing businesses to make a change and be more connected! The team are amazing and always super helpful and I love their innovation and the fact they are now partnering with GeniusU in the world game is even better!!