B1G1 Reviews

Debbie is an amazing healer, and the Healing Room has a beautiful vibe. You'll walk out feeling refreshed and at peace.fireboy and watergirl

Absolutely amazing company, very purpose driven and allows you to impact the world. Paul and Masami are absolutely amazing human beings and the company they have created and team they have nurtured are a true testament to the power of small.

Congrats on hitting 250,000,000 impacts and I look forward to celebrating a whole heap more with you.

Having been a social enterprise, and more recently also a social impact, consultant for decades my delight was great when I came across with B1G1 last Autumn 2019 in London. Finally, I could connect with a global giving organisation and movement that make having an impact so easy and part of your every day life. The team and the community are wonderful and inspiring, and I highly recommend becoming a Champion of B1G1.

DP Dental has been a member of B1G1 since 2010. We have seen how the organisation has grown under the leadership of Masami and Paul. I am so delighted to find that Genius U is also affiliated and look forward to linking giving to my learning too!

Julie is passionate about driving great leadership. Her most recent undertaking being the Genius Apprentice Program where she is nurturing the next generation through entrepreneurial apprenticeships that align them with industry leaders who are committed to taking action for the future generations.

So excited to see your Company on GeniusU Mikal, especially at this time of Entrepreneur 5.0 being launched. What a great opportunity for Entrepreneurs that need support during these challenging energetic times to get mentoring support from you. Mikal comes highly recommended.

Tina is an amazing addition to the mentor community here on GeniusU. One of the most connected and extremely generous with her time, her advice and her help for others using the platform. I highly recommend you connect directly with her or join one of her value packed circles/events